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Haze, Kush, Skunk, etc. What's the difference?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by WoldofWeedcraft, Feb 17, 2009.


    WoldofWeedcraft Well-Known Member

    Ok so I have what is probably a dumb question. You hear a lot of people throwing out these names (e.g. haze, kush, skunk) just referring to some killer bud. I've also seen people refer to a plant's pheno saying "that looks like some kush" or "I like the way haze strains taste." So to sum up...what the hell do all these names mean? How could you tell if a plant was a kush strain vs a haze just by the pheno? Or is it just a silly name that really means nothing? Afterall, whoever named them in the first place had to have got it from somewhere. :blsmoke:

    REEFS Well-Known Member

    Is this a serious question???

    WoldofWeedcraft Well-Known Member

    Well yea. You hear a lot of slang thrown around on the streets especially. I mean I'm sure you've heard someone refer to some killer bud as hydro when they had no clue what medium was used. Breeders are using the names for specific phenos, I'm just curious if there's actually a pheno that goes with a name like kush or if it's just slang bullshit.

    WoldofWeedcraft Well-Known Member

    I mean I picked up some trainwreck one time, and the guy tells me it's a haze strain and he thinks hazes taste better. I'm just trying to clarify WTF he means.

    powerisknowlege Well-Known Member

    I'm with you too on this one. Would love to know

    WoldofWeedcraft Well-Known Member

    + rep to whoever has a definitive answer.

    DownOnWax Well-Known Member

    I know there is a difference between Indica an Sativa plants and I think Haze, Kush, and Skunk are subsets of the two.

    Ex: Like Master Kush is an Indica Strain


    Purple Haze is a Sativa strain.

    You can get a lot of information on Wikipedia if you look them up.



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    cali-high Well-Known Member

    they are breeds from all over the world...indica from afghanistan and sativas from thailand and all over...

    different strains with different genectics...

    your question is not a dumb question but i doubt you wou;d understand LOL because sometimes its hard for me to understand certain traits ect
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    WoldofWeedcraft Well-Known Member

    I actually know a lot about genetics. Indica, sativa, and ruderalis are the three species of cannabis that I'm familiar with. But names like kush, which originates in India (Kush mountains, Hindu Kush, etc) are I'm assuming associated with the cannabis that originated there. But say for the consumer (seed shopper) how would you know if you got ripped. I mean if Train Wreck was originally a haze or if you bought Orange Kush. How could a consumer just look at it and say "Oh yea that's some kush alright." Are there any characteristics that define a haze? I mean I've smoked quite a few strains and they all have different charactaristics. But I guess it would just take experience to know if your seed vendor ripped you by giving you some cheap bagseed. :bigjoint:
    grape swisha

    grape swisha Well-Known Member

    haha that would be fucked if they just threw us some bagseed

    Jobo Well-Known Member

    Heres the best description i can give off my head.

    Haze - Long flowering sativa known for its complex high.

    Kush - Mostly Indica strains that usually come from the hindu kush mountains. Uniqiue kush taste/smell

    Skunk - mostly sativa hybrid that produces very odorous buds that smell almost exactly like a skunk.

    Usually on the streets, the names dont mean shit because people try to make there bud sound better than yours.
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    mrheadie Well-Known Member

    i get this from my buddies all the time "strain? wtf dude? stop with all the different strain bs. it just some headies" and so on and so forth. what these are is just names of certian strains that have been created by breeders. most of what you see from reputable seedbanks is "stable" genetics. meaning its been breed back for several generations to create a strain that'll grow uniform. as far as "phenos", they are different traits that a plant will show. so if you have a "haze"x"kush" cross, some plants might resemble the mother, some the father, and some will be different then both(all different phenos). i know their are some holes in my analogy, but its early and i haven't had my coffee yet! hope this helps.
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    WoldofWeedcraft Well-Known Member

    Based on what I've smoked and what I've been told, your description sounds pretty accurate. The trainwreck I smoked was definately more sativa and had a distinct flavor to it, and he called it a haze. I remember smoking some AK 47 a while back and it was a similar sativa, very distinct smell and taste can't even explain it.

    Hobbes Well-Known Member

    While all are dogs, a Chiwawa, a Labador Retriever and a Pit Bull all look different, sound different when they bark, and if you slap each one upside the head each will fuck you up in their own particular way.

    Not so much the Lab but the Chiwawa would be pissed.


    Each strain evolved differently according to it's environment around the world - Sativas in the tropics with long flowering periods because of the warm year round temperature, Indicas where it's colder with a shorter growing season requires a shorter flowering period for the strain to survive. Strains at high altitudes near the equator get lots of UVB, affects the trichs differently and they'd evolve to produce a different mix of cannaboids than a strain that evolved along the north western coast of North America, where it's wet with a shorter growing season.

    As for phenos, think of children in a family - two girls have the same two parents but don't look exactly alike, one might be athletic and smart while the other is clumsy and stupid (bet you thought I'd say athletic and short). When they grew up if both had children with the same man the athletic daughter may have more chance have athletic children than the clumsy women becuase of passed genes.

    So if you want to have athletic children you may have a better chance with the athletic girl = breeding phenos within a strain for the traits that you want your new strain to have. A good example of this is Bubblegum - it was brought to Europe where Serious developed the sativa pheno and TH developed the indica, both through inbreeding.





    mrheadie Well-Known Member

    i dont believe trainwreck has any haze in it. it is a sativa dom plant, i think its 65/35. it's sappose to be mexi/lowland thia crossed with any afgani. this is what ive read in the past.

    jonblazing Active Member

    Very nicely explained. I thought I would enlighten them but you did a good job with the dog analogy. These names are mostly for growers and seedbanks to keep track and categorize strains depending on origins, flavors, scents, feeling of highs, etc. For anyone with much experience you know well these traits can vary greatly. Finding and keeping desired traits around for different wants or needs is done this way by growers.

    Cyproz Well-Known Member

    is there smells involved with the kush, haze and skunk?
    like if someone says to me " this is some godzilla kush" should i be expecting a stone, high? fruity taste? spicy taste?
    same with haze and skunk?

    1kooguy New Member


    WoldofWeedcraft Well-Known Member


    motorboater Active Member

    based on experience, kush genetics generally have the same subtle aroma. It may smell a little bit different, but to the trained nose you can definately smell the kush.

    Kush also seems to have it's own unique indica structure.

    Identification comes with experience. I couldn't point out Haze or Skunk genetics.

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