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Hawaiian Skunk Haze?? Herbies?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by FourZeroTwo, Feb 24, 2014.


    cedarghost Active Member

    Absolutely. Any progress is good progress. The senate committee passed a bill to legalize the oil and the house committee passed a bill for medical legalization, however they both have to be voted on by the full house and senate and I think our session has about 6 weeks left.

    cedarghost Active Member

    Hey Dan, if you will use the search feature at the top of the forum page, look for "Where to buy seeds" and you will find a ton of posts. There is even a section here called "seeds".

    TheKronical Member

    I Believe it is a Hawaiian Skunk x Hawaiian Haze Hybrid

    Kygiacomo Well-Known Member

    yea most likely i do 20 ever year anyways now since i been ordering the fems..i use to hate doing regulars and put out 20-25 and end up wit 10 females if i was lucky..now that fems has arrived its the best thing going for a outdoor grower like myself since i only got 1 time a year to get my pounds in..i can just do the legal amt in the back yard and also take the remainder to the hills as im doing in..either way its one positive step the the right directions..since u are from KY u know how bad the pain pill epidemic is here and weed needs to be the other option

    yes its a big thing for us kentuckians and MMJ users in the stats all the way around..i will be glad i dont have to go to the hills and plant my shit no more i can just build a fence and plow my back yard and grow some benjermain franklins in the back yard lol

    Dr.J20 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone interested in doing a compilation thread where we all grow out some HSH, we had tentatively set a 4/20 start date for that grow. I suggested the date based on my current capacity and that capacity has recently changed. That got me thinking about starting up some of these ceeds earlier than 4/20 but i didn't want to fuck over everyone else interested in starting together. Then THAT thought got me thinking, "if we're all going to be doing different things in different environments with different setups, techniques, and skill levels, why not just start a thread for the strain and let people grow when it's right for them, so long as they document it with some decent detail?"

    What does everyone in here who showed interest in growing out this herbies freebie think about that? If we decide to just do a thread where we keep track, can we all agree to do a first post that includes every relevant detail, and then at least document basic information about the grow (e.g, notes that you topped on day 31 or began a flush on day 50 of flower) and any problems/fixes ("ran into nitrogen deficiency on day 28 of flower, top dressed with two handfuls of spent coffee grounds and ewc...day 35, N deficiency is resolving")?
    I'm not saying we need laboratory grade measurements and reports (though, if you're down for that kind of commitment, I'd say go for it) but just some good notes.

    That sound good to everyone?

    Thecouchlock Well-Known Member

    I think the problem you will find is that you will have people at all stages of the game, so when reading the thread it won't be as cohesive as if you were to all grow it out at the same time.

    Dr.J20 Well-Known Member

    This is a good point, but that will eventually happen won't it? if I decide to veg for 8 weeks and two people go 12/12from seed and three others do a standard month veg, won't it all get a little discombobulated anyhow?

    I mean, the only way to keep everyone together would be to mandate techniques and start dates and stuff, and plants don't grow like that. Sometimes the ambient temperature is a little off and growth is a little slow, so transplanting happens later as does topping/lst etc. And, since we're really just trying to amass some good information it will be as useful to get people doing little cfl grows as the 1000w HPS guys, which definitely means different rates of growth right off the bat.
    So the best i can figure is to make some milestone posts be key. For example, a weekly post titled "Day 1," "Day 8," "Day 15,".... Or stage posts "Germination/Seedling" "Veg" "Flower" "Harvest." Obviously we'd all be welcome to post more often, ask questions, make observations etc., but just so everyone has a timeline in the thread. You'd see each grower's specifics, and then, at the least, the mandated updates. I'd think bi-monthly would be just about right so that it's not too demanding, but not too much can happen between posts. That way if something goes wrong between posts, it wont take forever to catch us up.

    VARick Well-Known Member

    How about different threads on the type of grow? ie Soil - start date ??/?? Hydro - start date ??/?? Hempy - start date ??/?? SOG/SCROG/Coco/whatever - start date ??/?? I personally am doing a seed run next time and going to use these as my seed experiment. I'll be looking for a good male and females as well as a good female to hit with CS to make fem seeds. Just a thought.

    Dr.J20 Well-Known Member

    This could work, and I kinda like the idea. The only issue I could think of is getting kinda tunnel vision and never checking the threads that don't jive with your growing. Also, there are a lot of variables--I grow organic in soil, under induction and T5, top once in veg, transplant twice, and use airpots so which thread should I post in?
    perhaps the compromise would be to do it based on a single variable like medium; or, contrariwise, maybe a weightclass system for light wattage, or the size of your individual container (if you grow multiple plants in one container, i guess the fair way to do it would be to divide container volume by number of plants for that variable). With wattage we'll run into issues with LED growers; perhaps light source type would be the fairest metric to sort ourselves?

    VARick Well-Known Member

    Most definitely lots of variables to think about for a combined grow log.

    UnderMeSensi Active Member

    What if everyone at least uploads a couple pics a week and gives a quick summary of their week and we can also do a side journal that links to them but at least every two to three pages would be week one, week two.. so on and on under a big thread

    Dr.J20 Well-Known Member

    I like this idea, and actually think its a great one for community testing different genetics in general. I'm probably going to be able to start Mar. 22 with the herbies Hawaiian Skunk Haze.

    whoever starts first, could you start a thread and link to it here?

    UnderMeSensi Active Member

    Awesome. How many seeds do u have?

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    Dr.J20 Well-Known Member

    I've got 5 and was planning on starting 2 for this go. If I get two males, i'll start the other three at that point. I'll just sex some clones when I can take 'em. i suppose i could pop all 5 at once and sex them all but if i luck out with more than 2 girls than I won't have room for 'em and they'll end up vegging for like 24 weeks--not a horrible thing, i just have a little genetics schedule that i'd like to stick to-- I want to do an HSO blue dream and Kannabia Mataro Blue run before the year is out, and this HSH run will take me through to august already. probably more info than was warranted here, my bad :bigjoint:

    K.I.S.S Member

    I like the idea of starting on 420. Would give me a reason to start a journal.

    K.I.S.S Member

    Here's what I know so far.

    Seedsman - Hawaiian Skunk

    Genetics: Hawaiian Indica x Skunk No. 1
    AKA: "The Real McCoy"
    Variety: indica / Sativa (62.5% indica)
    Type: F1 Hybrid
    Harvest Date: October
    Flowering Period: 11 weeks
    THC Content: 11-17%
    Characteristics: Spicy taste / good yield
    Strain: Hawaiian Skunk

    Flowering: [/COLOR]~77 days

    No feminized seeds.

    Hawaiian Indica is an indica/ Sativa hybrid with very large female flowers, and resin production on leaves as well as flowers. Hawaiian Skunk has a citrus smell with a spicy taste and produces a happy cerebral high. It is a short rounded plant with exceptionally broad leaves, which produces a generous yield.

    UnderMeSensi Active Member

    I was hoping it was more sativa dominant and eleven weeks flowering for an indica is cray crayyyy

    oldschoolstoner272 Member

    im so interested to see how everybody does!! I wiill be throwing my hat in on this too as i have just recieved the Hawaiian skunk haze!!:blsmoke:

    KingJaffe Member

    i got sum as well from what little i have come across there saliva dominant, but i have sum that look indic a dominant i got five free ones along with a strawberry blue and two cotton candy's they all seem 2 be doing pretty good

    UnderMeSensi Active Member

    Show us some pictures brohaaaa

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