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Hawaiian Maui Wowie

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Relaxed, May 3, 2009.


    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    Anyone grow any lately? Reports about grow and smoke would be great! Seedbank? How tall? Is 4 ft. (plant size) in size enough to grow one or will it just get out of hand? Interested in this old school strain? How does it stack up to current day strains?

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    Higrade has a strain called Kona Gold which they claim is more potent than Maui Wowie:
    [FONT=verdana,geneva,arial]Direct from the big island of Hawaii comes this high octane landrace cannabis jet! Kona Gold has been cultivated on the Kona side of the big island of Hawaii rich in volcanic soil and lush tropical surroundings and is more potent than the renowned Maui Wowie. Kona Gold is not only a heavy hitter but has an outstanding yield for a (mostly) sativa cannabis plant. Highly resinous and very aromatic. Easy to grow. High medicinal value. One of Hawaii's best kept secrets....until now! [/FONT]
    [FONT=verdana,geneva,arial] Height: 4 to 5 ft
    Flowering Time: 10 weeks
    Yield: 3.5 to 4.5 oz per plant

    pinkus New Member

    Yep, remember Kona gold from the early 80's. My fiend's brother lived on Kona and came back to minneapolis with KG and Primo Lager. I don't know if it was more potent than mowie, but it was more gold than the green mowie we used to get for $10 a gram back then. And it was WAY more potent than the $15-$20 a half weed we usually smoked.

    toquer Active Member

    i've got some growing right now. quite a few of them to be honest. I got them as seedlings that were under florescent light and really weren't too happy. I was told it was the F3 generation and the grower was looking for a good mother. I don't know exactly what he was looking to accomplish, however, you can see a lot of similarities in growth shape and patterns. I vegged them for 3 weeks before switching to flowering nutes. After a week of flowering nutes 6 of the 14 turned out to be male, one of them exhibited tri-lateral branching aka whorled phylotaxy. The 8 remaining in the flowering chamber are now on week 3 of flowering. They stand about 2.5 feet tall in the hydrofarm buckets, not including the bucket. I've got a 400W HPS and a 400W MH on them currently. The plant has almost topped itself and is experiencing rapid growth of all side shoots. She's going to be bushy and possibly quite dense. No idea how to post photos yet...but they look hot!!

    i81two Well-Known Member

    Here are some pics of my Maui that has been in flower for 2+ weeks. I got 2 seeds from a friend when i was in Maui a couple years ago. I am running 3 1000w lights. These things are getting big. The buds have a smell like no other. I will keep posted.

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  6. How bad will two mauii plants smell? im growing some and scared there about to start getting skunky:(

    nboogie Member

    i'm curious myself. I'd like to try growing some too. where did you get them? nirvanas was where im thinking of getting them but they are supposed to be a more citrus/fruity smell :-)

    mtgeezer Well-Known Member

    HGS says that KG is a little known Island cannabis. I used to get it 35 years ago, probably best known on the Pacific Coast for mainlanders. HGS must have crossed it with an Indica strain to shorten the plants as back then on the Islands it used to grow 15-23 feet tall if left unrestricted!:o

    Ever since I first tried the "old" Kona Gold it was my immediate favorite. Light green stems and airy buds, narrow leafs, sweet and slightly spicy {mainly cinnamony with occasionally a hint of nutmeg), the buds were VERY crystallized.:hump: The high was fantastic. It came on not fast but now slow either. Very clear headed and relaxing. Makes me want ot go back to the old days....................so I ordered some from HGS just to see how it compares. I do remember the rare occasional seeds were HUGE! Very uniform, dark lightening bolt stripes and germinated freely.:weed:
    The sim's Bob Newbie

    The sim's Bob Newbie Well-Known Member

    The Nirvana Maui-Waui is nice stuff...gonna do some more soon I think.

    It CAN get pretty tall, but generally its kind of bushy if my memory serves me right. It's not "knock-yer-head-off" strong which is nice, but it does the job pretty nicely. Flowered mine for about 8 weeks - from what I remember the trichomes were cloudy/clear after that time...got a nice amount off them too but not a HELLUVA lot...

    If you can get the Nirvana maui you won't be dissapointed - I'm gonna try just letting a few go and hopefully get some more seeds!

    silverhazefiend Well-Known Member

    I wanna try some maui 2..but i want the real deal hollyfield shit..not NIRVANA..where could i find them?

    crystalman Active Member

    never tried either but would like to grow the mowie

    mandigo808 Well-Known Member

    i've tried kona gold a few years ago...the realdeal from kona and it was awesome...but its amazing if nirvana or these other seed companies have the realdeal and if they do then im deff gonna order sum
    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    I always thought kona gold was just a generic slang term for weed in the area. like maui wowie, kauai electric, alcapulco gold, guerrero green and various other generic terms.

    mandigo808 Well-Known Member

    maybe it is...IDK the grower lol its was good tho

    Barkley Member

    I'm far from an expert, but Kona Gold is definatley its own strain. My uncle lives on the Big Island and is very good friends with the person who is known to have created it back in the 60's. I know him, he painted me a few paintings, he paints under "the Banyon tree" down in Kona on Ali Blvd - his paintings are legendary and are all over the Island. Legend even has it that the local mailman will even deliver mail to him at this tree. I was there last in 2005, and he and I played golf together (barefoot, like all the locals play) and that is where I convinced him to give me a KG bud with some seeds. I have one KG plant growing right now. It is my first and I am a rookie, and it won't reach it's potential due to several reasons, but I can't wait to harvest it anyway.
    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    I know where the banyan tree is at on alii dr. next time I visit BI I'll go ask about this guy. .... I'll report back when I do.

    Barkley Member

    I wish I could join you, I love the Island and will live there someday.

    Here is the painting he did for me last... 049.jpg

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    my friend grew out some maui he was able to get his hands on thru another close friend of mine. im pretty sure it was maui because i recognized the taste.[​IMG] it actually had some red hairs tho. it got pretty tall, 5ft in a 5 gall

    Treehugginhipster New Member

    Mowie wowie is overrated...kush is my cologne
    tingpoon likes this.

    silverhazefiend Well-Known Member

    Thats not 2 tall for a 5 gallon..i had 5 footers in a 3 gallon ..I want some un breed pure mauie or KG ..I think ill never score it till i actually go to the big island

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