Having a nitrogen deficiency with lucas formula

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    thatreedocta Active Member

    I am using lucas formula and my leaves are very pale green. I have a top feed system with rockwool surrounded by hydroton that feeds every 2 hours for 5 minutes. What can i do to get more nitrogen w/o burning plants? I take clones home and there dark green and turn pale in my system with a couple days.

    Sir.Ganga New Member

    How do you know its nitrogen? Could be a number of things...got any pics?

    thatreedocta Active Member

    Im just assuming because the leaves are pale green. i will try to put pics up in a little bit

    thatreedocta Active Member


    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    try some cal-mag & see if it dont boost your nitrogen up take & maybe make sure your ph is right

    thatreedocta Active Member

    Okay thanks I actually just picked up some cal mag today. Does cal mag effect nitrogen uptake?

    beginner.legal.growop Active Member

    well it has calcium in it which is a large part in the plants cycle. It builds strong stalks and cell walls, allowing the plant to move nutrients more efficiently. So yes it helps everything. Just google, calcium and cannabis. :)

    thatreedocta Active Member

    Okay thanks ill look it up but i take your word for it. Also, what is the ideal ph for hydro? I've heard 5.8. My ph meter is somewhat reliable and reads 6.0 but when i double check with the liquid ph color tester it show darkish orange like its around 5.0 so I dont know which to believe. Its the liquid color tester accurate?

    beginner.legal.growop Active Member

    well the problem with liquid color testers is they range with colors. Like pink is 6.0 and orange is 7.0, some even have 0.5 ranges but most have 1.0 ranges.

    So say your ph tester is off by a little and it is really around 5.5 then the color tester will put the lower color or maybe even the higher color. I would go with your electronic tester, as long as you have calibrated it recently in the calibrating solution.

    or you can just buy crystal gyser water ($0.89 per gallon) which has a ph of 5.8 and skip the ph testing. I buy my plants sparklets which has a ph or 6.4 and they love it.

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Well aside from the fact your ph might be f-up i can say this from a ton of exp with lucas,
    is i always ran into a N deff so i modified it from 0/8/16 to 5/8/16 and things got better!
    hope this helps

    panhead Moderator

    I fail to see how calmag would ever correct a N deficiency , i havent used calmag since i stopped using RO water in my tanks so im not positive of the exact N content but i know its extremely low on N.

    If you have a Farm & Fleet near you go pick up a gallon of liquid N for like $10 a gallon for 50-0-0 .

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