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havent smoked weed in over a month...STILL FAILING UA!!! WTF!!!!??

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by SmokeyMcSmokester, Mar 28, 2011.


    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    thanks for the tip...im gonna piss all over my neighbors driveway now...

    anyone ever try NIACIN? ive popped about 1000mg earlier today...burned the shit out of me.

    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    I know some people who have used niacin, seems terrible haha but i've seen it work.

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    haha...i dont try to start shit..im hopefully gonna be released in OCT...well, if i dont fuck this up..

    im not even 100% sure if he's gonna test me..they just changed my p/o, and i havent met the new guy yet...i can only assume he's gonna test me..my old p/o never tested me..only the first visit, and that was it.

    timeismoney1 New Member

    Always here to help ;-)

    Noahp123 Member

    goddamn that caught me off guard, now i got pepsi on my monitor

    I gota go take a fat piss.

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    yeah i heard if fucks your liver up...so you have to use it for a few days consecutively too?? Im gonna try this AZO stuff Darth recommended. i'll keep my fingers crossed.

    suTraGrow Well-Known Member

    AZO is good stuffed used it a cpl times my self. Drink the entire bottle then fill it up with water 2ce and drink that piss at least 2-3 times before your test and the next few peeps for about 4-6 hours will be clean. Tons of people used this product even 24 hours after smoking and pissed clean.
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    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    the pills? or is there a liquid too?

    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    Yeah i hope it works for you man, it did for me, still test your self to if you can though... I'd hate for you to fail.

    why the new po?? are you daily reporting, weekly, monthly??

    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    never heard of or used the liquid...
    Dick Moser

    Dick Moser Active Member

    i have used water cleaners before (tabs you drop in lake water or river water to make it drinkable) and TONS AND TONS of water and i made it through 3 years on a conditional scholarship and it kinda reminds me of those pills darth talking about. niacin doesnt work at ALL, its acually causes a nice little build up of lipids in your kindeys that you will steadily piss out for a while. they do CLEAN your blood but not your piss. they dump all the shit where it belongs, in your kidney. i tried thay shit trippin balls and i wanted my skin off so fucking bad :( not fun. and the exersise thing is great, just work out all the time sweat sweat and sweat somemore and you can burn it off in a week no problem. i know this cause i have done this i used to smoke at least 7 grams a week (during school) and i got about 4-8 days warning as to when i had to give a sample and i just ran every day kept my body fat under 12 percent and drank at least 2 liters a day. before my drug test, a shot of vodka, a cliff bar and a gallon of water. kept my ppm under 100 for every test i took.

    i had to retest a few times at the beginning cause of "diluted" samples, but then i got stuck with a dick watcher so if you already have one it shouldnt mater if your shits coming out clearer then bottled water.

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    i report monthly..i dont know why they changed him..i hear they do that shit from other probationees. he actually went to my moms pad this morning(thats where he thinks i live)..but mom came through with the quick "hiking a red rock" answer that she was told to give him...i need to call him, but im waiting until the end of the day..this april it will be a year... i have a 3 year sentence, but they tell me i'll get released after a year and half if im a good boy

    suTraGrow Well-Known Member

    I stand correct i was referring to a drink called Valo not AZO ( http://www.sspp.org/category_191/ )

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    im gonna go sit in a sweat room tonight after the gym...im in really good shape too..thats why this is really confusing me..thats why i was thinking this fake shit i smoke was keeping me dirty.

    mastakoosh Well-Known Member

    agree, i have seen heavy smokers be positive for over a month.

    Devildog93 Well-Known Member

    Yes sir. One of my heavier friends was past the 6 week mark and failed. Waited another month then took it and passed. So somewhere in between 1.5 and 2.5 months for him.

    He was a heavy smoker, and a heavy bastard.

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    i actually just used that valo shit today!! fucking bullshit didnt work!! it made my piss bright yellow too.

    when i took the last test, there was a super faint line next to "drug"..so technically i guess it was saying it's negative...but i was looking for a bright red line, and i think if it would throw a flag up if it wasnt an obvious red line..you had to really look for it.

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    i definitely was a heavy smoker for about a month...all day everyday..fukin og kush tasted to good to quit..and the blackberry..FML! but now im not fucking with weed until im off..this stress if killing me.

    chillwills Well-Known Member

    Do you drink alcohol everyday?

    I read something not to long ago about it taking longer to get THC out of your system if you are a heavy drinker.

    The logic is that your bodies priority goes to detoxify your system of alcohol first. Since alcohol is a poison.

    I don't know how true this is and I don't remember where i read it.

    I would stop drinking just to be on the safe side though.

    Plenty of water and exercise. Also eat alot of fresh vegetables. (not microwaved)

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    i rarely drink...that couldnt be it...maybe im just a freak

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