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Hashish Think Tank

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by randude101, Feb 4, 2013.


    randude101 Member

    A think tank of sorts would be a good idea in our community to share experiences and help each other. The internet is an awesome tool in learning and sharing with one minor exception and that is the chaos that ensues from an open forum. I would hope this site has the tools and integrity to allow a single think tank to exist free from disruption. I am rather new here and do not know what to expect. I will offer this though, and that is although I do love to laugh and joke I will always yield to the proper authority if found to be destructive.

    Of all the aspects of marijuana from seed to consumer I have to say that making hashish to be the most technical. Growing, farming and smuggling are items that need good skills including planning, but making hash is a level step higher technically. I know that illiterate tribesman can make good hash, but just like the farmer that creates the perfect environment through technology the same is so for the hashmaker. In the perfect hash you only have the purest and cleanest product for the given circumstances.

    One time I was offering some hash to a girl friend that has lived in the hills of northern California, a very woodsy and natural person. She said to me, "Waste not".

    I have thought about that statement for years. Hash has been a way of getting all the resin off of a crop so as to not rely on just the buds. But for me hashish is better than smoking buds. That is my opinion and it works for me, and this is why:

    1. Smoking hash requires less smoking because it is more potent.

    2. Traveling with hash is easier because:

    a. It is smaller than cannabis.
    b. There is less smell.
    c. Hashish can tolerate rough handling better than buds.

    3. Hashish is more valuable than buds, for someone that is involved in some sort of commerce.

    4. Hashish last longer than buds. I believe you can refrigerate hashish indefinitely in a freezer if packaged correctly.

    There are more reasons than the four, and I may edit this list as they appear.

    So the concept of making hashish from the scraps and cuttings, the throw away buds, and so on does not sit well with me. I like to have bud around, and always do, but I also need hash. Hash is not something that I want to use sporadically. I want to have it and good quality all of the time. Half my grow goes into making hashish. Of one tree I will make two batches of hashish. I will make one batch of bud hash, and one batch of leaf, popcorn and cutting hash. Of the trees there will always be an mixture of sativas and indicas. I grow for myself and family. Time and money are not problems for me. This is so that I can make what I want to make and not be dictated by the market.

    With the internet comes loads of information. There are well studied individuals out there to tap. We have Bubbleman, Matt Rize and many others that are not as well known. All of us doing our own thing to either make a product to market or make a good product for themselves. These are great times ladies and gentlemen. With two states going totally recreational and more to follow it is going to open up the world for those with the fortitude to plan and execute. Those with the goods, the cleanest and purest will raise to the top.

    randude101 Member

    I mention that for the world of cannabis, Hashish is the more technical aspect in creation.

    In Morocco you have natives beating sun dried cannabis like drums with screen over large bowls. Although this works and indeed you will find some good and some very bad hashish in Morocco, there are more consistent ways.

    In various cultures you will find everything from mixing cannabis in icewater to various dangerous solvents to remove the resin from the plant. As with the Moroccans, the results are also varied. Just removing resin from the plant is rather crude way to make hashish. It may get the job done, but there is always a better way to do everything. As with any worthwhile endeavor the more detailed your plan, the happier you will be with the finished product.

    Bubbleman has made a fortune marketing his bags. I have much respect for a man that is able to make a product and be able to ship it internationally with impunity. The bags themselves are not illegal. I personally love his process but would like to explore taking it a step further. But what can be improved upon?

    In the bag method you take all the bags and introduce ice and water to find what bags you really need from a given strain. once you have used all of the bags you will know what bags you need. So whatever method that would evolve from the the bag method would have to keep the various levels of filtration intact for initial analysis. I think the things that need to be looked at are adding water to the mix (mess). Dry ice is making it's way into our world and perhaps the answer lies there.

    One of the fantastic qualities of resin is that it sinks in water, so I hate to dismiss water forever. However, standing water is always unhealthy. If water is used it has to be of the highest quality to begin with. Chemicals in water are not that good either, like chlorine and fluoride which can be found in many cities. Well waters may have a bacteria. In either case it is very much agreed that water has to be evacuated out of any icewater type of hashish. Various methods should be explored in the drying process. I am sure the think tank can come up with many new ingenious ways to evacuate water.

    blacksun New Member

    Have you seen the forum dedicated to concentrates?


    Lots of people over there already "think tank"ing about hash.

    Some guys even have videos of their methods that are extremely informative, Subcool and Matt R for example.

    Bigby Well-Known Member

    In the UK hash is a joke. Pretty much anything decent is imported by criminals who melt it down and add all sorts of shit. So in the UK points 1 and 3 do not apply in the majority of cases. (I so want some nice sativa bubble hash right now).

    randude101 Member

    Bigby, I have read about soapbar hash in the UK and have smoked boring or not so good hash in the USA in the 70s that may have been similar. I didn't really enjoy hashish that much until I took a trip to Kenya and had some with gold foil on it forming a logo. That was some awesome hash and it changed my view on it. I believe I can understand your disappointment buying it in the UK.

    What this thread is about is pushing existing boundaries that exist in making your own hashish. I have employed several methods from blenders to bags, to dry sifting to solvents. Each has it's good points and bad. The one key element for homemade is cleanliness and purity. The battle over quality vs quantity is not an issue in this thread, it is about smoking pure and safe hashish.

    I have made larger quantities of iso hash from brick weed to bho made from premium buds. Although both of those methods make a strong and pure product, they were messy and not fit for travel, hard to measure and hard to use. Mostly suited for home smoking with the correct tools. I enjoyed both,

    I have used dry ice with bags with varying success. It was easy to travel, measure and smoke, but not as stony.

    Now that I will be able to grow some plants in my home I plan to dedicate half of my small grow to the production of various concentrates. There will be solvent hashes made as well as solvent less. I have high hopes for my bud hash made without solvents for my every day smoke. There is going to be a mix of 12 week, 10 week and 8 weeks strains in an engineered perpetual harvest. Small scale but steady as well as legal. Nothing that I ever do with cannabis is or it's seeds is commercial for me, but I would entertain marketing products that support the cannabis smoking movement minus the cannabis.

    What I am searching for is a product that makes bubble hash that workable in the hands, strong and without the use of water for the most part. I want to consider a multilevel series of filters, dry, and in the end I may run what gets through in a water system using very little water to avoid too much waiting and mess. My theory is that resin sinks and veg matter floats. One could take the sifting of huge quantities of cannabis in a very small amount of water. Possibly a very cold environment combined with staged screening with constant vibrations filtering the cannabis. This is a departure from the typical threads that just go over mesh size of bubble bags. I do not predict this process being very fast. I do predict this method being of low energy, but that could possibly change. There are ways to cool a given space like with liquid nitrogen. That would work in with what is currently being done with dry ice. I am just getting started here. Thanks

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