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Hash oil use to treat MS

Discussion in 'British Patients' started by omgkush, Nov 1, 2015.


    omgkush New Member

    Someone I know of with MS has been taken off certain medication and apparently a health professional has told them off the record they might want to try hash oil to see if it helps. The person in question is not a smoker or user of cannabis so how best would they take this and what effect would the THC and CBD have, i.e would it leave them with a stoned effect as this might not be desirable.

    Unfortunately it's also within the UK but apparently would travel to Holland if worthwhile

    Thanks in advance

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    In suppository form there is NO HIGH what so ever.

    Size 00 gel caps with a mix of coconut oil and canna.

    You can mix it at a 5 to one mix.. 1 gram of oil to 5 gram of coconut oil.
    That equals a dose of 200 mgs of oil in each sup.
    DO NOT TAKE THIS orally or it will knock the person on their ass for up to a day or more. Its that strong at this dose.
    Hope that helps.
    Other ways are through Vaping very small amounts to start....

    Hope that helps.

    omgkush New Member

    Thanks very much bud.

    Any idea as to how often they'd be used? At £70 a G that's a lot to be putting up yer butt if it's daily doses. If I were him I'd just buy a bag of weed and some rizlas

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    making your own is the best. Buying online will see you get snake oil in return more than likely unless you know of somewhere to have it tested.

    A gram shouldnt cost more than the alcohol you are buying to make the oil, if you grow it yourself that is...
    it'd around 10 dollars/g in small amounts.

    or you have to source some herb and make it..then it would be the cost of the herb and solvent.

    Did you get my PM?.

    omgkush New Member

    I did thanks

    Sadly the guy passed away over the weekend but might get round to trying to make some myself if I get good yield from current ones in flower(just)

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