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hash oil, budder, ear wax, all that NON veggie pot... school me please.

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by vradd, Nov 17, 2010.


    vradd Active Member

    so ive seen some friends have some of this ear wax and it looked awesome. so now i want some info on it..

    wax/budder = the milky ish color stuff

    oil = looks clearish

    whats better the glass, quartz, or the Ti(titanium) nail?

    is the only place to get them is at the aqualabs shop? i notice most headshops dont carry this stuff. anywhere they sell the parts cheaper? seems like the parts can be pieced together to customize tastes.

    whats the TRUE value of this between smoking thebuds? my friend said a small lil penny sized glob cost between 20-30$ like does the highs last longer or is it just a stronger high?

    is it safe to say a small dab = a normal bowl of buds?
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    your asking very vague questions

    hash oil and ear wax are forms of hash, the trichomes and resin glands of cannabis in different forms.

    Hash is kind of a trippy high, very strong and sedative. The appeal of hash is the ability to get incredibly stoned off of a very little amount of material. It's nice, but I'd rather have weed if I had to pick one.

    You cant really say a small dab = x amount of weed, as the quality of hash and weed can differ. You CAN say that smoking hash (by weight) will get you a LOT higher than smoking regular bud.

    You need to do research though

    Look up how to make hash oil, and regular hash. You will see how it's created and better understand it.

    Also look up thrichomes and resin glands. They are the part of the plant with the most THC/ cannabinoids. They are the little crystals or tiny mushroom like glob that covers the cannabis plant. They get you high, and people have methods to extract JUST the trichome to create hash. Different methods = different types (ISO, BHO, WAX)

    BUDDER is cannabutter.

    THC/cannabinoids BIND to fat... THC doesnt bind to water. To make budder you usually just float the butter in water, add your weed/whatever, and bring cook it at a low temperature so the cannabinoids come out and get absorbed into the butter. Then when you eat the butter and your body metabolizes it you get high. The difference between ingestion and smoking is that smoking is an immediate and somewhat short high. With edibles, its a very slow FULL body high(takes about 1.5 to 2.5 hours to peak) but it's very long lasting (about 5 or 6 hours).

    Personally I love edibles, they're great. I'm at the point where it's a chore to keep myself high all day, as I have somewhat of a tolerance. So I love to eat something, and just be high for 6 hours :)

    btw the only reason i wrote out that long response rather than telling you to google was b/c your a med patient :lol: :) bongsmilie

    pm me if you still got questions bro

    vradd Active Member

    yea ive already googled it and learned how to make bubble hash, ice water hash, bho etc etc..

    seems like the ice water would be the easieest. i dont care to make it but i found it very cool.

    and yea i know about the buddar too. i just saw my buddy dabbing some whiteish creamy stuff that looked like budder on his vapor globe. so which is which then?

    cuz ive seen the oil, the creamy colored stuff and the actual powdered hash that hasnt been pressed yet. which of the 3 is the most potent.?

    InThEwOoDs Well-Known Member

    I seriously enjoy BHO.

    I smoke through a nail and dome setup like what you were referencing above.

    I'm fine with using glass nails, but they do eventually warp from heating them up so much. Ti nails don't have any problems like that.

    I would say a good fat glob of oil ( as much as you can take in one hit) is definitely comparable to a bowl of medical bud.
    Johnney Herbz

    Johnney Herbz Active Member

    Hes talking about the smoking Budder not the cooking Cannabutter.

    Austinmac Well-Known Member

    heyy....okay here my input on budder tools i myself own a ti-pad bubbler and a vapor globe with glass nail i find the ti-pad bubler is nice case it hits you hard but its more an art of the dab(not for beginners)...the vapor globe is really easy to use and for beginners you wont lose your dab.............................:)


    Materials: 2 Coffee filters,honey bee extractor(or home rigged),bud,near zero impurities butane,long pyrex dish,boiling pot of water,razor blades,rubberbands, dental tool

    1.grind up at least a halfounce very dry bud
    2.put bud into honey bee extractor(or home rigged)
    3.put coffee filters around oppisite end of where the butane is going in secure with rubber bands
    4.boil water
    5.bring pyrex dish OUTSIDE and being spraying butane
    6.bring pyrex dish inside and put ontop the pot of boiling water wait until most the bubbles are popped remove from heat
    7.scrap all leftovers into the middle of the dish
    8.put back on to heat and begin to whip it with dental tool
    9.remove from heat
    10.scrap all together and your done

    Austinmac Well-Known Member

    a dab will do you lol all i smoke is budder myself

    Austinmac Well-Known Member

    and you can make it cheaper than buying normal price is 300$ a hq round here....i normally yeild 1.6-2.5 grams per half ounce wis is sweet lasts me about the same maybe a little longer than bud

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