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Hash cannabutter?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Oisterboy, Jun 10, 2010.


    Oisterboy Well-Known Member

    All the recipes I find for making cannabutter involve using plant material. I'd like to make butter with iso hash.

    Has anyone done this? Also, how much hash would you use per stick of butter? I've never really made butter before.

    I'd like to make a bunch of cookies, but I don't want to eat them all at once...I wish there was something I could make that would last and still be good after a few weeks...is making the dough and freezing it in cookie balls a reasonable thing?
    Maui Waui

    Maui Waui Active Member

    well I dont know about the hash aspect but from all ive read you can store the butter for quite some time, like a few months.

    mcgyversmoke Active Member

    using iso hash would be very potent maybe a gram to 2 grams per stick of butter, as for saving it butter can be refrigerated and be good for a few weeks..
    or freeze it and its good for months. i would recommend using the betty crocker cookie mixes and replace oil with the butter hash butter makes incredibly potent edibles!
    good luck man!

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