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Has Anyone Try'd Lemon Haze?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by wumac420, Aug 29, 2007.


    wumac420 Active Member

    Ive just order'd a few grams of lemon haze and was wordering if any of you have ever smoked it or evan seen it, id like to know your opinions and imput on the strain, i also order'd an 8th of kemo crossed with jack herer (kemo-jack)... let me know your thoughts... stay up

    groingonja Active Member

    the lemon haze is very nice, its been a consistent weed around were i live so ive smoked it alot.it isnt a light green lookin weed it looks like it was just sprayed with water but still dry, there should be alot of orange hairs-more than usual, midrange fluffyness ,smokes lovley smells great and tast like lemons.....

    let me no if u got the same shit

    smokingbot Well-Known Member

    It's good.

    runaway30678 Well-Known Member

    deff like the 2nd post says i smoked it today very nice smoke lots of orange hairs

    justatoker New Member

    what do u mean "ordered" ?

    drumlord420 Active Member

    Yeah, it's like everything described in the second post. Had some today as well. Very trippy shit! Almost like weak LSA, but still mellow... Weird shit! Smells just like Lemon Juice! It's incredible how varied the terpens and terpenoids are amongst cannabis strains...HAIL THE LEAF!

    amari Member

    dude excuse me if this is a dumb question but what do you mean by ordering it?? r u lving in amsterdam or cali cos I dont know many places you can order it.

    armyvet420 Member

    Allota us here in Cali CAN order it, but better to grow! Way more rewarding if done right!!!

    brandon. Well-Known Member

    Don't think amari will get this message since you replied to his one and only post from a year ago...

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