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has any1 ever done belladonna??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by gwaziman001, Jun 1, 2010.


    gwaziman001 Well-Known Member

    hi all so i have 2 belladonna plants on the go, they are just 1 week into flower pics will follow i have been looking around the net and they dont seem a must do plant? can anyone give me info on them? yeild? best way to grow? what they like what they dont? i have a 400w hps lamp in a 2x2 grow tent, i am useing bio feed (1ml grow, 2ml topmax 3ml of bloom) so any advice would be good thanks all..:joint:

    blahblahblah123 Active Member

    I dunno, she is on my list of plants to try.. seen enough beautiful examples on here that i would love to grow it..


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    krozone Well-Known Member

    Grin :> Thought you meant the Porn Star... :> Wink Wink

    gwaziman001 Well-Known Member

    lol tut tut

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    Yes I have done belladonna! It was back in the 60's and through our mission statement of getting high everyday we had to resort to the over the counter drugs some days. I can't remember all cold meds we did but we found something callded Asmador (spelling?). It was a greenish fine powder and I think you're supposed to light it on fire and inhale the smoke. Anyway we found out it had belladonna in it so we tried it. I think we choked down a couple of teaspoons. After an hour you started feeling very fucking strange and it was like you got hit in the head with a bat. You would dose off and wake up with a sick ass feeling and your mouth tasted like shit. I'd compare it to the worst high you ever experienced. Some screwed up visuals too but they're not "happy" visuals if you get my drift. Don't fucking do it.

    Oh, the strain Belladonna? Yes and it ain't that great. Average weed.

    gwaziman001 Well-Known Member

    thanks for your help

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