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Harvesting the plant without killing it.

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by DoomWolf, Jul 23, 2008.


    DoomWolf Active Member

    Looking around here everyone seems to talk about killing the plant in order to harvest it.. but i dont really wanna kill my plants after all the time we've spent together ! I've seen a picture on the net were a plant was harvested but kept alive so i know its possible. how is this done ? has anyone any experience doing this ?

    emptypool1 Well-Known Member

    you can get two differnt yeilds off of it if you pick the top buds and laeve the bottom ones
    im not really sure about how to do it though
    just clone it
    or grow another one :]

    ceerock Well-Known Member

    its defenitely possible ... you just need to set the lights back to 18/6 ...

    but im not sure about the process of clipping the bud.... lets hear from the vets...
    im also intereted in knowing...

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    Just harvest and leave some leaves on it. Give it a high dose of nitrogen and put the lights on 24hrs or 18/6 in a month new growth will start. Clone it or re flower

    rezo Well-Known Member

    its an annual let it die and start with new ones.. you can run into alot of trouble with revegging eg. stunted growth or hermies ..good luck

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    yeah im not sure either. i know one of my friends has had a blueberry plant for a vew years and he grows it for 6-7 mo then he puts it inot flower harvest the top buds and put back into veg.

    im not sure how exactly to do it tho
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    you can harvest and then re-veg. leave some growth tips or it won't come back. it takes a while for it to revert back to veg though. the new growth will look un-pot like, but after a couple internodes, it will/should start looking normal again.

    jimbizzzale67123 Well-Known Member

    They show a grower useing that technique of regenerating the plant on the see more buds DVD dont rember which one there all filled with great info.

    speedhabit Well-Known Member

    Possible and good idea are two completely different things, you were concerned about the time it took to grow; It will be faster to start a new one from seed, next time take clones when in veg. Its better to start over then try to reveg and reflower.
    Panda the farmer

    Panda the farmer Member

    I have had a Agean(turkish) Indica growing for 2 and a half years now. It is very very bushy and branchy. Never got too tall in her young years. But she did give really really nice good ol indica buds 2 times. Now though she just grows like a house hold plant she lives in the living room with just regular light. She was never pamperd in a grow room with lights nor on a lighting/feeding time regiment. She was grown just like a house plant from a seed and we were lucky she was a girl! she is very pretty. every time she buds we simply cut from the bottom of the node where sun the sun catchers are and since shes really bushy its easy no cola hassel to cut from the mid stock. but boy does she get thirsty after harvest as though her soil drys even when there is no direct sunlight. when i was younger i also had another female like this that i grew for 7 years. but she only gave flowers 4 times She was a Vmt sativa. Plants are funny little organisims. last christmas we even decorated her with tiny little ornaments. she got soo bushy my wife clipped some leaves and we made a nice salad with olive oil. I also just harvested this summers plant an early girl without killing it. she is tall and not branchy. none of the above where used to clone nor came from clones.
    Hip Hop Grower

    Hip Hop Grower Well-Known Member

    where abouts do you live panda without telling too much info, Id love to decorate a pot plant for christmas :)

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