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Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by JDawg701, Mar 22, 2009.


    JDawg701 Well-Known Member

    i trimmed my plants and set them to dry this is my first time well....before i cut them down they smelled really good and had a skunky smell after i trimmed it and hung it to dry now the buds that i triimed smell like a grassy green smell like it doesnt even smell like weed anymore it smells all greeny like freshly cut plants or something like i get the fact i just cut it fresh but shouldnt my buds smell more like weed instead of some greeny grassy smell ??? im starting to think its gonna taste like that and smell like that the whoile time if it does no one will wanna smoke somehing that smells like a grassy plant smell.....can ayone tell me if this is a normal smell when trimming the plants cause it did smell nice n skunky till i trimmed all the leafs now it just smells like a weird grassy smell it dont even smell like theres any thc or any skunk smell to it anymore .............thanks for all ur help
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Go here .... read what you find.


    Also, did you fully flush before you harvested?

    JDawg701 Well-Known Member

    all im trying to figure out is if the bud i trimmed will go back to its original smell.....before i trimmed it well it smelled nice and skunky after i trimmed the leafs off everywhere aroun dthe bud i smelled the bud and it smelled grassy like a freshly cut grass or something i couldnt really smell the skunk smell anymore....all im asking is if this is normal for a bud after you trimm it.....is it normal to smell all grassy and green after i trimm......?????will the bud go back to its original smell once its done full drying ?

    amsterdayum Well-Known Member

    it wont have that weed smell unless u cure it, it also wont taste good, after there dry put them in an airtight container for a few weeks and open the jar every day for a few mins to air them out within 2 weeks or so u will get that smell back

    JDawg701 Well-Known Member

    so ur saying once i let them dry out i gotta put them in a container for a few weeks ???? is this wut everyone is suppose to do i was just told you dry it for a few days once there dry there ready for smoking ????? i didnt know that you HAVE to cure them so that you get that good taste and smell back ????? so if i dont put them in a container for a few weeks the buds are gonna keep that grassy smell and taste weird??

    amsterdayum Well-Known Member

    yep also in my opinion after u cure them there more potent. you should cure for like 2 weeks and theyll get that smell ur lookin for

    spindoktor Active Member

    dude..... how have you been on the RUI system for so long and not have read about curing..... there is SOOOOOOOO much information on this site that you should have definetly noticed people always asking about curing or their weed smelling like grass. Its pretty natural, usually only the skunks still decently smell after trimming. Its the chloraphyl escaping the plant as it drys which is the green chemical in plants that has that grass clipping smell. Good luck chief and happy smoking.
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    Cheeese Well-Known Member

    seriously lol

    cure the weed
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    atrumblood Well-Known Member

    HAHA!, wow ok

    Learn to read all the steps. Not 1235.....your missing a step!

    johnwashburnx30 Well-Known Member

    rude people who call themselves stoners........:peace:?? peace brah.

    but hey at least they were full of some knowledge right? they just chose to share it in a very ego driven way.

    ive been on this site for a long time and i didnt know that curing was a must either. if you want you can actually take bud right off the plant and smoke it. its just more potent, tastier and smellier after u cure it. but i had forgotten all about the grassy smell, (this is only my second time) first time i remember now it was all grassy smelling, i dried it in the trunk of my car. then had it in sip up bags. cant remember if it ever got its smell back tho, i remember smoking it and getting high tho lol.:bigjoint:
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    HomeGrown420baby Well-Known Member

    i only dry for 2-4 days and cure for a month or so i dont like to dry long it makes the bud have a grassier smell..im harvest in april or may and im ganna break a branch off a put it straight into curing without drying it ill just cure it for a month and half or so..i know cannabis clubs do that and it keeps the bud fresh and its that sticky icky..to dry it get an air tight jar and keep it in there but open once a day for at least 30 minutes and up to 1 1/2 hours
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    That is a VERY good way to get mold.

    Follow the link ... learn it, live it, love it.

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    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    After proper drying and proper curing it should smell more like it used to but it will not smell exactly like it used to.

    After you harvest and begin to dry the bud evaporates moisture into the air and with the breakdown process having begun it carries with it certain odors that can be more powerful and different than what you previously smelled.

    Also because there is a breakdown/alteration of chemicals in the bud occurring the odor of the bud will change somewhat no matter how well you dry and cure. It has to happen since the plant is no longer what it once was, a living plant, and is now in essence a dead plant with its chemical makeup changing.

    Just follow the link I posted and read the information, it is not long, only a page, and do what it says as closely as you possibly can and you will end up with the very best results that you can possibly get given your conditions. It will not assure that your cured bud will smell exactly like your growing plants did but it will be the best it can possibly be.

    Also try to make an effort to do what has been proven to be the best and what is done by the very best growers in the world rather than listen to people who say, well I do this, if it differs from what is found using the link I supplied. This place is full of ‘experts’ who, well to be blunt they don’t know dick.

    Take the proven route. If you do you will be more than happy you did.
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    HomeGrown420baby Well-Known Member

    nope no mold just lots of crystals u should try it bud
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    I have done this for 37 years and I have seen what you do produce mold like mad. How you have managed to luck out doing what you do is impossible for me to guess but I have in the past done close to what you do and ended up with moldy bud and I have known a good number of people that did like or close to what you do and ended up losing an entire crop to moldy bud and I have read untold numbers of messages written by people who did like you or close to what you do and ended up losing an entire crop or much of an entire crop to moldy bud.

    I honestly hope that you luck continues to hold but after nearly four decades of experience I will not make the mistake of duplicating your way of drying/curing.

    There is far too much ‘well I do it this way’ information on sites like this and far to little expert advice being handed out. I learned a long time ago to listen to and learn from the experts and that is who I rely on for information and advice rather than someone who says ‘well I do it this way.’

    Then I pass on that information/advice and if someone is not willing to accept it that is their decision to make and I wish them the best but I do have to pity them for being unwilling or unable to learn from experts and from people with vastly more experience than they possess.

    You mentioned crystals, well they are already there before drying and curing, just in a slightly different form, so your method in no way creates them or increases their numbers so they are irrelevant to the topic of drying/curing because they will either be there to dry and cure or they will not be there to dry and cure and if they are there or are not there is totally dependent on genetics and growing and not at all on drying/curing.
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    amcgin02 Well-Known Member

    Damn that was crazy bro, GET'EM!!!
    Severiously Dank

    Severiously Dank Active Member

    I feel for ya. I allegedly finished my first tomato grow and I had the same scare just this week! I thought I would have some severiously dank ta'maters from the smell when i picked em. But then it smelled leafy and gross. Research and consultation with other tomato enthusiasts has me confident that the curing process will make it all good in the hood and bring the smell you hope for right back. Good luck!

    HomeGrown420baby Well-Known Member

    BRICKTOP-well call me an expert cuz i dry for 2-4 days then cure for a month and dont get mold...WHAT DO U DO?

    HomeGrown420baby Well-Known Member

    the link u posted says dry for a week or two i thinks thats to long..i'd say till the bud is dry on the outside not until the stem cracks then it get to dry and u loose that sticky goey-ness..What do u personally do?

    amsterdayum Well-Known Member

    my first grow i made the mistake of drying for 4 day and curing for a month after and guess what???? bud rot!!... never made that mistake again so i dry for 6-10 days and cure for 3-6 weeks and i never have any probs

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