harvest before or after first frost?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by stanklin420, Aug 24, 2009.


    stanklin420 Member

    how do u know when to harvest your buds? i know that u want a good balance of orange and white trichomes. however it is getting close to september and the buds on my outdoor plants are still pretty small. i have been giving them blooming fertilizer as well as a bat guana addative to help the buds. if first frost hits the plants and the buds are still not that big what should i do? :leaf:

    lisa99 Active Member

    faqs have a lot of info on this. Get a magnifying glass. too early is when the thrichromes are all clear. You want to harvest when 75% of them are amber in color. Any later than that and the degredation process will occur and you will lose potency. Good luck

    olishell Active Member

    If a hard frost hits(29 degrees)Harvest right away.The leaves will start to look dark and wilted pretty quickly.That's all you can do at that point.

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