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Harvest a Pound Every Three Weeks!

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by StinkBud, Oct 5, 2008.


    Apomixis Active Member

    If we are to believe Wikipedia, Cannabis is from Central Asia.
    It must be noted that the ancestor from any species comes from a single point source; ie a particular place.
    If I say Tulipa, you think Netherland, not Central Asian Mountains, where it originates from. Apples too. Cool, no?


    "Actually what i was saying is dont come into a 1010 page thread,as a noob, and try to start correcting anyone."

    So, should he wait until he has a whole bunch of rep until he sets the truth straight? Or should he just let a myth be propelled because he doesn't have the clout to? Long live truth!
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    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    Wrong place, wrong thread guys. Open your own thread to discuss it. Just dont do it here.

    birdmananyweather Well-Known Member

    the chronja actually originated from earth (unless....aLiEnS!!....:hump:)

    duh..... :peace::leaf::leaf::weed::weed::weed: I'm baked and don't need no wikipedia to know that.

    Spread that love my friends!
    El Tiberon

    El Tiberon Active Member

    It is pretty funny to hear some unknown call El Tib a noob. You should get out more tough guy. Come visit me in Mexico or Colombia when you grow the nuts to travel.

    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    I believe he was calling you a noob because you are new to this site, and have very few posts. By definition you are a noob to this site.

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member


    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    You know I wish I could come visit you bro! I love to Salsa! You can take me out and hook me up with some Latin ladies! I've been to Venezuela and it was beautiful! All the women were so hot!

    It was pretty fucking scary though. We had to have body guards and drivers to take us around. We weren't allowed to go walk around by ourselves in case of kidnapping. haha

    One of my best friends moved to Brazil a few years ago. He went there on vacation and fell in love! He says it's some of the best kiteboarding on Earth.

    A lot of my kiteboarding buddies head to La Ventana, Mexico every Winter. I prefer to stay right the fuck here and snowboard...

    I grew up around metal flake low-riders and chicks with big hair! Fuck ya StinkBud loves that Latin shit.
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    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    They've found cannabis seeds buried with a 2,800 year old mummy of a shaman in China:

    MedScientist Active Member

    Please Pardon the Name Change!

    This thread was started about the same time Michigan became a Legal Medical Marijuana State. Luckily, I found your Cloner, Veg, and Flower Builds before I bought a System. I never put sprayers in Fence Posts, but I have DIY'ed Many Systems!

    But what I LOVE MOST about YOU, is your "Pay it Forward" attitude.

    AnyWho, you were talking about switching nutes. You should check out Jack's Professional Hydroponics + CalcNitrate at jrpeters.com. I purchased 25 lb bags of each over 3 years ago, gave away half, and still have over a years worth left for under $100 delivered. They stay Crystal Clear, ph stable, and I have seen people grow consistantly over 1 lb plants with 4 to 5 weeks veg, using the same Formula from begining to end. I am currently playing around with Half the CalcNitrate, but adding Bloom Boosters during 12/12 with AWESOME results.

    Peace and LOVE to ALL!

    BunnyK Member

    Old thread but lasts forever.Anw,I would love it n be very apriciated if Master Stinkbud could do a resume on "what needs to grow" likes you.So srr to bother ya this way,Im a ganja lover n is living in a "developing country" ! So things need to grow sometimes not the same to you guys,I almost modify whole things to grow n workin whole day just to afford better conditions.Hope you will spendin a little time to help me get a better life through growin n selling,thanks you n have a happy day

    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    Where do you live? You might have perfect conditions for old-school outdoor bud. You can grow super cheap and 100% organic by making your own compost. Add the compost to your soil and every year it gets better and better. If you put worms in the compost they will break it down and create worm castings. Many of the top soil companies use worm castings in their mix.

    One of the best things about compost is it's alive. Millions of different types of bacteria live in the soil and a many of them are beneficial to the plants. They break down the nutrients into a form that the plants (roots) can absorb. You don't need to add any "bennies" when you use compost.

    The most important thing to your success is genetics. You need to get some good seeds to start from. If you have access to some killer clones that's great but you may end up bringing all kinds of pests into your grow. Seeds are a great way to "clean".

    Good luck bro!
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    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    OG Kush is the hardest shit in the world to grow. It just wants to die. I think it has some kind of death wish or something. Maybe it's just depressed because it knows it will die anyway, what's the point of living? So OG Kush is kind of like the Goths of the plant world...
    JRR Tokin

    JRR Tokin Member

    Wow, didn't know that! Was on my list of must do's at some point. Nice analogy nonetheless...LOL. What are your favorite strains these days, Stink?

    BleedsGreen Active Member

    I just harvested a bunch of different OG Kush's from a system built off of your designs, they seemed to love it. Now the Pinnapple chunk didn't like it at all. So your comment about the OG Kush makes me happy.

    Here is a few photo's of the Lemon OG and Purple OG both from Reserva Privada. I also had OG Kush, OG18, and they both turned out great as well just not as big and photographic as the Purple and Lemon but I will throw up a photo of the OG Kush as well.

    OG Kush

    Lemon OG

    Purple OG
    Lemon OG

    Lemon OG
    Purple OG
    Purple OG
    Purple OG main cola
    Purple OG main cola

    I can't wait to taste test them all! :)
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    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    What's up buddies! I finally have some decent flower pics to show you. Things are going better than expected!

    You know how I'm always talking about how different strains need different amount of nutes right? I really can't believe how true that is. I have some plants that look perfect and some even look a little over fed. At the same time I have others strains that are starving. All of the Stink Pinky strains need twice as much nutrients as the other Kush and Wreck strains.

    I've been trying different ways to measure and test my nutes. Lately I've been mixing my nutes into a 5 gallon bucket of water and testing the PPM. I mix my nutes to the manufacture's recommended amounts and then adjust the dosage depending on how the plants look.

    On feed days I water the plants about half as much as normal and then pour the nutes in last. I use a 12oz. cup to measure off the dosage depending on how the plant looks. If the plant is looking more yellow, I give it 2-3 cups, if the plant looks normal I give it just one cup. If the plant looks overfed I just stick with water.

    Right now I'm still dialing in the strains and having a blast! Oh yea, I have a couple of unique strains that originated in NorCal. The seeds came from a second generation farmer who got them from his dad. His dad has been growing in the Green Triangle since the 60's. You can easily tell the strain apart from all the neon pink hairs. It has an amazing fruity taste and smell and an intense head high. It looks more like a Sativa but finishes early like an Indica. It doesn't stretch and it's also a huge producer. Now I have to take clones off of a flowering plant!

    So it won't be long till harvest now!!!!
    041213_CateractKush01.jpg 041213_headband01.jpg 041213_room01.jpg 041213_StinkyPinky01.jpg 041213_StinkyPinky02.jpg 041213_StinkyPinky03.jpg 041213_TahoeOG01.jpg
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    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    Man those are absolutely gorgeous man, that Pink is insane!

    thedumbguy New Member

    i Bow down

    BunnyK Member

    Thanks bro,have a gud day.
    I completed my reading on.Im Vietnamese and live in a Sunshine town.The temperature always ảround 23-35 Celcius Deg a day and gonna turn into "raining season"(from end of April to the days before Chrismast,it means you have to face w the water from the god all times,maybe you are sleeping at night and you can open the balcony doors to see when hearin the sounds from water-dropped.) and many things to say(pests,over-water,wet climate and maybe some days really up set mood cause of no sunshine)
    I'm a smoker,also a dealer.My customers were always askin for "Canadian Marijuana"(a slang being for high quality buds,not high quality reggie or Thai) n that is a reason why I paid for 2 Wwbb and 1 Supercheese.I finished a harvest on "REGGIE" so have a little knowledge abt growing(i mean a very very little n need your help ^^)
    My studies were abt lighting,methods of growing,ventilation and strain informations.Damn terrible here is Im the only growin-boy over there.My friend told me WW is a strain could re-produce so I think WWBB can do it too,if it wrong just forgive my bad.Maybe my set up for growing area gonna be a different or maybe very strange.I would prefer TDS-water solution to soil mix because the Veg n Flower room will be put next by my bed.(cleaner,better)
    I will use depron foam to make the sides of room,inside will cover by refecting materials I could find out for the best,a 250W of Hps,many of 26w CFLs around for both two rooms.
    So,follow my words above that im gonna show u my plan to get what u think ! I got two WWBB so I will rape one of them into water,under a T-5 for 7 first days,then HPS n a 26W CFL till the day I can get 11 clones from her.Too far away from seed banks and growing guys,so I decide 2 clones for balcony to get seeds through and the other for checking how real my thought is,will it reproduce !?
    ANW,TOOK MUCH OF YOUR ATTENTIONS,CẢM ƠN BẠN(thanks you by Vietnamese)Peace n High

    BunnyK Member

    Im doing a "notes book" about all right things for growin (you know,this is money n can't be wasted anyway).Hope to see and get help from the experts.About beginning of June is good time for my routine,I will change my life and maybe a gud medicine for patients I known.Just based on the sharing from you guys,so I also want to share a story to be share !

    Im a speed-boy who keen on driving so fast on two wheels,i used Crystal Meth,Ketamine(Special K,Power Powder..etc.) and smoke ganja as a smokey machine(sometimes or some day never eat breakfast before smokin,after smoke or take drug).Im 22,I know too young right here but too much troubles I was in ! My family was deep in troubles when I was 14 and I met my problems from here.I smoked cigarette,drank wine,street racing,everything for a wild n freedom(one time of ectasy,just only one).For the last 5 years ago,I met a boy from Cali who finished his high school edu and back the hometown to help his family.This is the first time of my life that I smoked "herb".I went through many parties,drugs to become a dealer after high school,I sold out Meth,Cocaine.But the past by 2 years ago till now,I stopped for Meth n Ketamine (crackin n selling).Only reggie,it is very low income because I don't want to kill people indirectly for "very much money reason" just cause of SMOKING MARIJUANA ( it fixed my black mind,for sure !).Mari keeps me away from bad thoughts(maybe my bad :( ! ),my girl accepted Mari-smoke replaced for Ice-smoke.And finally,could harvest a pound every month will help me out of those "black days" and upgrade to a good life.I don't have enough money and conditions for university,I really love my girl,my family.Hope you guys spendin some minutes on to read and enjoy a real story,help me out of this,i will get enough money to make a big chance-big change !


    MediMary Well-Known Member

    I haven't been around much the last couple years, good to see everything is coming along well my friend :) I like the changeup +rep

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