Harvest!!! 10 purple bubba kush(10 oz.)

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by NASTYRUDEDOGG, Nov 10, 2008.


    NASTYRUDEDOGG Well-Known Member

    I just harvested my 10 Purple Bubba Kush plants, together they all weigh just over 10 oz. I still have 4 more plants to harvest, 2 are Platinum Bubba Kush, 1 is Banana Kush, and the other is from bagseed, I think that they will yield just 3 oz. or so, we'll see. I'll chop those down in a few more days. Here are some pics.:mrgreen:

    alg007 New Member

    1 oz per plant how big were plants at harvest

    NASTYRUDEDOGG Well-Known Member

    The taller ones were just about three feet tall and the shortest one was about two. It was kind of a bitch to raise the shorter plants to the height of the taller plants, I did this to even out the canopy. But yes, an oz. per plant, which was my goal, so I'm really glad that I met my goal, half way through I was worried that I wouldn't pull an oz. off of each plant.

    veedubkid Active Member

    Very nice harvest.

    SativaSam Well-Known Member

    Congrats on an outstanding harvest!!

    NASTYRUDEDOGG Well-Known Member

    Thank you.... Thank you. I worked hard on these babies and the time has come to reap the rewards of my labor. I can't wait to smoke some of this stuff, it's so sticky and smells like ripe fruit. I'm in love.

    jman,tokerforlife Well-Known Member

    Very nice grow!!I grew outdoors and got alot more per plant,but only grew 2 plants!!Guess my wieght competition i have going on are i'd tell you what i yielded,3 oz being crappy yield off 1 plant 6 or 7 being good........Check it out and see what you think,scroll down alot of pics in first few posts...Enjoy,and plus rep on the grow!!

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