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Harmony Harvest Fest or Starks Harvest Fest?

Discussion in 'Maine Patients' started by NoSwagBag, Aug 9, 2010.


    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member


    It looks as the Harmony Harvest Fest is going to be Oct. 15-17 this year. The Harvest Fest in Starks is Oct. 4-7th, I think.

    The last one of these events I went to was Hempstock in 1995. It was eye opening to say the least.

    Question is,

    Anyone know which of these events is going to have more people, what one will have the least hassle to deal with (oink, oink), and any past experience (good/bad) you had with the event. I know that this will be the 1st for the Harmony Harvest Fest, but they've had other events this year.

    The way I see it, Harmony is later in OCT, which is better for me. Hard to harvest, dry and cure even by then though:weed:!

    Tell me how you feel
    Bud Gardener

    Bud Gardener Active Member


    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member


    xexitwound Member

    the one in starks(hempstock) is the legit one. This will be my first time going in two weeks, and im soooo juiced. Its gonna be nuts man. The one in harmony there will be like 300-400 max i assume. the one in starks is like ranging from 1500, 3000 people. dont worry about the piggies, everyone says that they dont see a cop within 30 miles of that place
    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member


    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member

    Come on girls and boys from Vacationland. Whats up? I'd still like some info.


    [email protected] Member

    OK So this is the deal...Im pretty sure everyone here wants to attend the Harvest Fest in Harmony, Maine which is hosted by Maine Vocals...They used to host the festival in Starks, but that has been transformed into a more family friendly "festival".

    Harvest Fest on Freedom Hill in Harmony will be hosting two festivals this year; one Sept 30th to Oct 3 and the other the 14th through the 17th...Check out the website here http://www.mainevocals.net/

    The website for the Starks "festival" is here...You can see the difference!

    We have attended Harvest Fest "for our kind" the last two years and have watched this switch occur. We are planning on going to the festival hosted this weekend which is the original weekend. Although I do understand your comment NoSwagBag...

    Hope to see you guys there! The weekend weather is supposed to be great and the foliage is beautiful!!! Dont miss out on a great time!

    [email protected] Member

    Oh yes and I forgot this...Its called Harrys Harvest Ball now, im sure he makes way more money now doing this than he ever did off of the old festivals....http://www.mainecommonsense.org/harrys_hill/newsite/

    Its definately a family thing now, and not for all the smokers...

    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member

    How was the Fest?

    Thanks for the info. on the websites; I had already visited them previous to making this thread. What I'm looking for is "personal" experiences. Please share yours from this wk. end


    CMart39 Member

    starks all the way brotha. ive been goin for the past 4 years.. harvest ball, we be jammin, ect. harmony is a joke from what i hear. starks fests are never disappointing . Go to starks this year!!!

    corners Well-Known Member

    Not sure you can crap on Harmony without ever going there

    Both are good, just depends on the weather. If the weathers good it will be packed at either . Ive been to both, be it a decade apart. Never seen a cop at harmoney, but starks is like this now also. Both have good bands.

    Boy is the night sky beautiful in harmoney, and the sunset/sunrise on the hill at Starks.

    Nitedust420 Member

    Ive been a few time to the harvest ball at harry browns farm, tons of kind people there, great music, awesome atmosphere heres the link to the sit

    http://www.harryshill.net/ hope it helps

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