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Hardy strains

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Bigdog1980, Mar 5, 2018.


    Bigdog1980 Member

    Hi I am looking for a hardy strain that will do good outside in the UK, any ideas??

    roony Well-Known Member

    There's tons I live in maine and I'm running these this year with high hopes for good mold and pest resistance minus a couple that my ght give me a hard time


    This is the strain list I'm running this year From msnl seed bank I'm doing:
    The cheese
    Hollands hope
    Durban poison
    Early misty
    Greencrack fem
    From getaway mountain seeds (great people here in maine) I'm running
    Poison Warp
    Kodiak Poison
    R2 Poison
    Barneys surprise

    DCcan Member

    I picked up some Poison Warp and Kodiak Poison for this years outdoor grow from Getaway Mountain.
    These are bred for the same latitudes you're at ,Bigdog1980. Early finish and good mold resistance for that late summer blast.

    I want a pick up a couple stankin' Skunk strains from then too. Downeast Skunk is on the shortlist.
    Any suggestions, roony? How's the legendary R2 vs R2 Poison?

    roony Well-Known Member

    Growing thwm for the first time havw been out to getaway and all the nugs I smokes out there did not disapoint

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