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Halogen Lights?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by The Green Bum, Jan 31, 2007.

    The Green Bum

    The Green Bum Active Member

    i have a 1000w halogen light. Are these kind of lights useful.

    Air Well-Known Member

    They are usefull for lighting buildings and making heat but the wrong spectrum of light for growing.

    dankciti Well-Known Member

    halogen equals EZ-Bake oven no weed
    The Green Bum

    The Green Bum Active Member

    Damn! Knew it was too good to be true.
    alex wooldridge

    alex wooldridge Active Member

    funny i grew out 3 kush x blueberry under one shop light/flood light before and they did just fine. the heat was easy to control if you have half a brain and the rest was easy if you know what your doing. so i guess these guys are true heads then so they must be right, shhhhhit, it can be done bro so go grow

    TheConstantGardner Well-Known Member

    How much did you harvest with that halogen light?

    Home_Grown Well-Known Member

    1 gram, probably.

    biggflintmi Well-Known Member

    I had some plants that i had to get rid of a while back so i gave them to my cousin. He used a halogen light and they all died. Maybe hes just an idiot but i still wouldnt recommend using halogen. Never ever.

    TheConstantGardner Well-Known Member

    I've got 4 - 500 watt halogen lights that I use for developing photo-sensitive polymers. I can tell you these puppies get HOT! I only run them for 10 minutes at a time when exposing diazo emulsion. I've left them on for 45 minutes once, and the metal case melted through plastic like a hot knife through butter

    These lights are inappropriate for growing.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Halogens are completely wrong for a grow.They are way to hot.Waste wattage and the heat is just crazy.

    IGrowChronic Well-Known Member

    ive had freinds who have grown a decnet amount of bud with halogens... if u can control the heat why not try it.
    Dr. Purplethumb

    Dr. Purplethumb New Member

    I am very contrary to the use of halogen bulbs because i am forcing two one inch chronic strain plants with a halogen bulb and its looking pretty green, they are in a tray sitting in some water and periodically i take the tray out to let the water drain for a day and than put it back in for fifteen to an hour, its looking pretty effective and i would like a reply to this as to the fact that i need some advice whether or not strawberry compost will work mixed with miracle grow its my plan to grow that in five gallon buckets under an eighty watt natural sunshine bulb that puts out 23,000 lumens with fox farm oceans potting soil and than use the forcing kit to grow some fantastic looking buds, with a strain i got from my friend called bam it is covered in white/orange hairs and tastes really good, and gets u ripped on one hit. Alright comment back

    Exo Well-Known Member

    nice yo. i was going to try it but heard so many bad reviews i just went with CFL's. if you got some pictures i would be very interested to see.

    klmmicro Well-Known Member

    Halogens are a waste of wattage when used for growing. There are much better (and more efficient) systems available. The spectrum of light given off by halogens is not in the range that cannabis grows best in. Not saying that they do not give off ANY light in that spectrum, just that the internals of the light are not designed to focus there.

    Back when I was a younger, I grew a small plant under a halogen desk lamp. A friend with an equivalent HPS (100 watts or so) blew my yield away. Our seed came from the same bud in the same bag, so genetics were probably pretty close. I learned about spectral focus from that.

    If anyone can find some positive information, post links as I would love to read the testimonials. I can find negative info on using halogens to grow all day long. Insanity is trying something over and ever expecting different results. Halogens have been tried over and over...

    dcb&Junglizt Member

    ive got a very small set up and im using 2x50w halogen bulbs with a home-made reflector, to grow 1 plant, i have made a shroud arond the plant using aluminium foil for reflection, its about 2-3 weeks into flowering/budding and it seems to be doing really well, im using biobizz bio-grow food and biobizz vitality booster, can anyone give me any hints on how to get the best crop from this plant/set-up keeping it as organic as posssible... any constructive criticism welcomed!!
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    Youngthiz Member

    Nice Find!!!!!

    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    halogens are NOT good for a PRIMARY light source....most of the output is in the far red/infrared range....their a great ADDITION in the flowering cycle for FR treatments.

    Edit: ^^ please show me your 80w "natural sunshine" bulb that gets 23,000 lumens......a 150w hps puts out around 16,000 lumens @ 120-140lm/w.....

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