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Hair follicle test, how long?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by TheOak84, Oct 9, 2008.


    TheOak84 Active Member

    Im applying for a union, they do hair testing. when should i stop smoking? or, doesnt it even matter at this point. The test is around march...

    Oh, does that shampoo work?

    AlphaNoN Well-Known Member

    Nine months if your hair is short, the time period lengthens with the overall length of your hair, 90 days for every 2 inches. Shampoo's don't work. Shave your head (shiny bald), refuse to give pubic hair, and ask for a urine/blood test. It's unlikely they would even ask for pubic/body hair as they need something like 50+ milligrams of hair, but you never know..

    smartsoverambition Well-Known Member

    dude you may be screwed! i hear tHC stays in ur hair 4 20 years but there ot common cuz the tests r a 1000 dollars a pop, i'm not sure there's anything u can do is cut ur hair frequently
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    they detected traces of thc in my hair 9 months after i quit smoking ,and i have a shaven bald head which i shave every two to three weeks , they allso took hair from under my arm aswell as off my head .

    Wannabreed Active Member

    I received various answers, a health care worker told me 3 to 4 months. A drug counselor said 6 to 8 months and a customs officer said 1 to 2 years, mind you that asshole also interrogated me for 15 hours based on a five dollar bill he claimed had tested positive for drug residue so I suspect he was lying.

    TheOak84 Active Member

    Hmm, i should stop now then... Im wondering if they are looking to see if ive been smoking recently, or at all.

    I dont think a hair follicle test is right for a union job... it doesnt prove anything a piss test cant, i think a standard blood test would suffice.

    What if i smoked it nine months ago, but havent touched it since, im not able to work? bogus

    dsasser Active Member

    Hey dude ...hair follicle drug test can trace any individual's drug history of the past few year time period even. unusually the tests even detect drug history of 25 years even. Even if you cut your hair they an take your body hair for the test. You can give a try at detox shampoos. But whatever it is, hair follicle drug tests are very intricate and gives the drug history of the person with much ease. so staying away from drugs is better.

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    shampoo doesnt work they now rewash ur hair cus of the shampoos but they usually only test 3 months back so if u havent smoke in 3-4 months u should be good and if not then shave all the hair on ur body and say its a personal choice and ask for an alternative

    danksmoker420 Active Member

    i wish i wound would have checked this forum before i had to take my hair follicle test, everyones info would have helped. i was going to be a manager for this restaurant and had give a hair follicle and failed it. i did the shampoo and like everyone has said it didnt work. i was clean for atleast a month and a half, and they told me i had substantial amounts of thc in my system. the fucked up thing is they never told me they were going to hair follicle test me until i had signed the contract, they had just referred to it as a screening, so i figured piss test.

    i do have a way to pass it well bypass it that i figured out once i was on the "inside". involves a fake i.d with your name and a clean friend. Since you take the test at a clinic where the people dont know who you are. get you clean friend a fake i.d with your name and info on it and im sure you get where im going. just hope you can trust that they are really clean. i guarantee this works because the doctor just glanced at my id to see if it was me, i could have looked like chubacca and she wouldnt have noticed.

    hope my fuck ups, keep other fuck ups, hooked up.

    DaKine Active Member

    There is a product to pass a hair follicle test dirty. its expensive though like 150 bucks its a 3 part treatment that cleans and seals the hair so the centrifuge cant separate the residue from the hair. And if any cones out it is suppose to be undetectable.

    SmokingNuggz Active Member

    Dude, ABBA. You can find it and other strippers at any hair solon. Just say you got a girl that colors her hair alot and wants to strip it for a new color.
    Now, this shit burns alittle, kinda like a perm. Lather it in your hair, wrap a towel arround your head with the lather in, wait 20 minutes, rinse - repeat two more times if you have long hair and are really worried you might not pass.
    Worked for me.

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