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H2 O2 Oxidizer...Can I use it for flushing?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by meri1128, Oct 18, 2012.


    meri1128 Member

    I'm about to harvest soon.. I read the forums (thanx for all ur help) & I'm about to flush real soon. Can I use H2 O2 Oxidizer for flushing?? I see I bought it about 6 months ago when I got all my nutrients, but I dont remember what the H2 02 Oxidizer was for?????? On my scheduled nutrients I dont have it anywhere???

    Thanx again for your help!!

    meri1128 Member

    I guess the H2 O2 is a something for water & not for flushing.... I called the store & they said Final Phase is a good one for flushing..?

    mike91sr Well-Known Member

    They said that because its one of the most expensive flushing products out there, and all thats in it is magnesium and EDTA, which binds to things like mn, mg, ca. Flushing in hydro serves no purpose but to starve your plant when it needs those nutrients and energy to properly ripen. And if you absolutely insist on flushing anyway, plain water serves the same purpose as that $$$ 'flushing agent' unless you're trying to clean off a ton of salt build-up on your medium, which you should be avoiding in the first place. Careful of whose opinions you listen to as it seems like youve taken to the myths around here. Theres just so many around here that claim their unsubstantiated opinions are indisputable fact despite actual evidence to the contrary.

    h2o2 is useful as a preventative for bacteria/fungi.

    meri1128 Member


    I read on a couple of forums that Flushing is totally useless. Because you starve your plants of nutrients that its been use to getting..? It says that if your going to flush not to go to straight water because your plant may go into a nutrient defiency..? I was thinking I would flush with an flushing product & then harvest. I'm on Day 49 of my 12/12.. I have about 25% Amber.

    Instead of flushing can I just feed nutrients & then harvest? I read alot of stuff on the forum, but the thing that they say is more important than flushing is drying & curing. I was going to Flush & trim off all my Fan leaves. Then harvest the whole plant by cutting at the base & hanging the whole thing to dry for 48 hrs...

    Your thoughts are much appreciated

    mike91sr Well-Known Member

    I reduce my feed levels during the last couple weeks, precise amounts and timing are based on individual plant needs.

    There is no NEED to flush if you weren't feeding to the point of massive salt build-ups, the belief is that it strips the flowers of the plant of their stored nutrients and chlorophyll. I'm anxiously awaiting a study that proves a plant releases chlorophyll or anything else from its flowers simply because it doesn't have the nutrients it needs to properly photosynthesize, take in water, or perform cellular functions. I dont smoke leaves, and that's where the nutrients are pulled from to try and keep the plant healthy. So I'm unsure of any benefit flushing has for the flowers themselves.

    If you have 25% amber, its probably time to pull IMO. You didn't mention medium that I saw, so it could vary, but give them a few days to a week or so of reduced nutrient levels, they just don't need that much towards the end. People who flush usually disagree and pump their plants full until the day they start flushing, then claim it's necessary to get rid of the extra salts they just put in.

    If its time to harvest and you havent reduced or flushed, dont worry about it. Just harvest and make sure to get a proper SLOW dry and cure. I trim wet so my buds dry faster than those who trim after drying, but Ive done that once and never will again. I set up a humidifier and reduced airflow instead. Aim to have them hang dry for about a week or more, then straight into jars if you want, or paper bags/mixing bowls for a day or 2 before jars. If you get a hygrometer youll be able to tell precisely how dry your buds are. My process is as follows:

    ~1 week hang dry in 60-65*F, 60-65% RH
    ~1-2 days in bags/bowls
    ~Into jars, usually around 75% humidity in the jar
    ~1-2 weeks to reduce the buds from 75% to 65%
    ~Cure at 65% for as long as I want, burping once a week until I pull them out of cure or they reach 55%

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