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Guide to Nutrient Deficiency or Toxicity

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by nick17gar, Nov 18, 2011.


    raggyb Active Member

    Now that I've got over the amazingness of the setup I'll ask could it be Phosphorus deficiency? Not that I would know, I just looked at picture chart and that is the closest match to my eyes.

    Are the microscope pictures supposed to be of fungi? That confused me.

    FerrisBueller New Member

    Yes, I took a sample of the substance from one of my inline filters. I know it's deficient, I just dont quite know this strain yet. Also, I need to find the cause. Thanks for the input!

    growfreedom Member

    Have several leaves that did this overnight on different plants. Any idea what it might be. Using green leaf nutrients mega crop in DWC. PH is 5.8 just set it last night before the leaves did this.

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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    looks like major ph shift damage, don't know what else does that, that quick

    growfreedom Member

    Ok. My ph was about 6.5 yesterday so I set it to 5.8. Don' know why it climbed so much. Seems like a small shift. Would that be enough?
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    are you in veg or flower? check your roots, if they look healthy, i'd say its probably just from rapid growth. you may just have to check your res daily for a while.

    yoshisisland Member

    if i have a 2 lower leaves that have some damage similar to that should i cut them off or let them try and recover?

    growfreedom Member

    I don' think leaves recover. I usually remove them to keep them from being a drain on the plant. I'm in veg but they're auto and just beginning to stretch. Roots are healthy and they looked much better today after work.

    Breedingbull Member

    Can anyone help...cob lights about 21 inch’s away full blast about 900 Watts in a 4x4 sunshine advanced number 4 mix 3 gallon pot humbolt nutrients ph 6.3area have been feeding about 50% of charts but this has happened on a few plants and wanna get to the bottom of this because I never experienced this until I switched to cobs I’m also a newbie I asked a few people and no one really can give me a answer that makes sense besides I’m underfeeding somehow but I’m most certainly feeding them something

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    CookieKush Well-Known Member

    Two words: Light burn

    Raise your COB to 30 inches dude or you'll continue to BBQ your girls.
    Og grumble

    Og grumble Active Member

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Almost positive this is nute burn tho. Just bad on this leaf for some reason. A few other leaves have the signature nute burn on the very tip but this one has it bad. I think its spreading too. Should i cut it off? Im using kind soil (hot soil) with no added nutes. This happened a few days after transplanting to the hot soil which is why im sure its nute burn. Sorry for my shitty camera. The first pic is the bad leaf the others are just the tips.

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    CookieKush Well-Known Member

    100% soils too hot.. this is what happened to me the other week and I had to make the decision to kill it and start with coco coir and fresh beans.
    Og grumble

    Og grumble Active Member

    Thats kinda what i figured. Thanks. The people at kind soil sorta make it known that if you transplant too early you'll get burned, but they say they'll grow into it just fine. I thought they were old enough but i guess not... The kind soil is only in the bottom 1/3 of the pot and the top is just happy frog so im gonna ride it out for a little while and see if they grow into the kind soil like they say.
    Og grumble

    Og grumble Active Member

    You think that dying leaf is an invitation for pests and problems? Like should i cut it off?
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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt right now!
    That leaf is giving you a realllly good indication of whats going on at your roots!
    Just wait for improvement. You dont wanna remove a shit leaf and let your problem spread.
    Leave it alone until your plant's better.
    Good luck
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    Og grumble

    Og grumble Active Member

    Makes sense. Thanks.
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    Bleineke New Member


    Anyone know why the edges of these leaves are folding up

    puffinggee New Member

    Glad to read something very informative, like it's from a botanist

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