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guide to beating drug tests

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ericrius17, Dec 16, 2008.


    ericrius17 Active Member

    if this is in the wrong place or if I screwed up anything, let me know!

    Drug testing is an invasion of privacy, but privacy is not a constitutionally protected right. A company has the right to screen its potential and current employees for drug use, but the testees have the ability to protect their private behavior. What you do in your own home doesn’t necessarily effect what you do in the workplace, so if you cheat a drug test, your not violating any moral principles. Maybe just the law. But the laws are arbitrary and I advocate breaking them with whatever frequency your moral fiber dictates.
    To beat your drug test there are a few simple things you should know. First, marijuana can stay in your system for many months if you are a regular user. Heavy use (ie. Smoking 3-5 times per week or day) builds up lots of THC in your system that can take up to 6 months to eliminate. Vigorous exercise and drinking lots of water can speed up this process. Further, several products claim to speed this process up. These products lie to you. They do have uses, but the reported use is not how they operate. What they do is mask your urine by instructing you to dilute it by imbibing lots of water. Then they put in vitamins, creatine and other nutrients in high doses to make your urine, which should be mostly water if you follow their directions, look like normal urine.
    Some amateur attempts to beat drug tests fail for many reasons. Drug screening tests the temperature of the urine sample, so tampering or diluting it can be detected. If you think your urine may have traces of THC, follow these directions and you will maximize your chance of passing.

    1.[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Subbing
    Subbing refers to substituting fake or clean piss with your own. A small bottle can be snuck into the testing facility and emptied in place of real urine. Occasionally, you will be watched while you urinate, which complicates things a bit. Try not to hide the bottle anywhere noticeable. Avoid tight clothing. Some women hide the bottles in their vaginas. No joke. I taped mine next to my junk, but it may have stuck out a bit. I would consider hiding under ones arm if its possible.
    Subbing is the best strategy because you know that the urine is passable. The only issue is sneaking it in and moderating its temperature. To do this, buy a handwarmer. Heat up the bottle in the microwave for about 8-12 seconds. You need to get the temp to about 98 degrees so put it back in for a few seconds if your off. Wrap the bottle in the handwarmer and tape it to your leg securely. You want to keep it close to your skin so that your body temperature keeps the urine warm enough. I recommend buying a digital thermometer (Walgreens, target, kmart all carry them for about $10) to check the temperature throughout the day. If the temp. drops below 94 degrees, buy some coffee and put the bottle in the coffee till the temp rises. This can be tricky if you did a bad job taping the bottle.
    Note: Dr. Greens Agent X is the fake urine I used. Some ppl report that this failed them. Theres a 2 yr shelf-life but no production date so you never know what your gonna get. The best thing to do is find a friend of family member who doesn’t smoke and get their urine.
    2.[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Contingency
    If your being watched or can’t smuggle in clean or fake urine, you still have several options available to you. Go to a GNC vitamin shop or a head shop (a store that sells bongs and other smoking paraphernalia). They will have several products available. Look for ones that are for the day of use. They should indicate that they have over 1000% vitamin B6 and B12 as well as creatine. They come in either pill or drink form. If you have time, read some reviews on stoner forums or just as an employee. Read the instructions and be ready to pound some water. Do not drink too much or you will dilute even the vitamins the supplements add. 4-6 bottles works well.
    Visine, a stoners best friend, is a good option if you have no way of using any of the above means. 2-3 drops for about 2 ounces of piss should create a false positive (or negative, I forgot). I also read that advil can screw up the readings.

    Hope this guide helps. If I missed anything useful, let me know. Good luck!
    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    sure fire way to beat the test dont smoke lol. just kidding thanks for the info.

    stickyfingaz89 Well-Known Member

    best way to beat a drugs test is not to do drugs..

    williamthebloody Active Member

    passed a piss test by subbing, just taped bottle of clean piss next to my junk, went into the place calm, once i was in the bathroom whole nother story, was so worried about being caught i was shaking like a madman on crack, but when i took the sample to the test guy, everything checked out a-ok

    aknight3 Moderator

    drink 1 gal 1 hr before u go and youll never fail. ever.

    gamer420 Active Member

    buy some pre tests i buy 20 at a time for $26 drink water untill your clean go in happy you just passed.i ben doing this for five years cheap and easy www.meditests.com/xaldrugteski.html rebuy and you will save 20%

    babyboi420 Well-Known Member

    the drug test ppl hiring ppl from the inside mate lol
    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    years ago when i was in the military, we used to find out in the morning if you had to go see the master at arms and take a test. they would tell you that when your ready go and take test.
    i would go back to my shop and drink as much water as i can then piss. keep doing that until its looks clear, then go take the test. passed everytime thats if they checked the sample at all.
    nowadays i think when they look at it or test it and find its too diluted of a sample they make you take it again.

    ericrius17 Active Member

    wrong. it wont pass either. youll get inconclusive cuz ull just piss out pure water. You need to meet the right vitamin b6 and b12 and creatinine levels.
    thats why you should buy one of those system cleanser products at GNC or a headshop. they just tell you to drink lots of water and add in 1000% the daily req for those vitamins.

    HippyLettuce420 Active Member

    what do you think about niacin?

    taking it a several days before your test?

    oh and i drank a bunch of water before my test too, and it came out diluted. meaining too watered down... meaning a no pass or they'll make you retake

    REEFS Well-Known Member

    Just passed a piss test. Drank a half gallon of cranberry juice the night before the next day I drank a half gallon of water, 2 hours before the test took 3 vitamin b tablets.

    marcoze Well-Known Member

    You can clean your system NATURALLY in 3 days by just drinking water constantly. Ive personally done it from Everyday all day smoking to clean to pass a drug test in 11 hours by drinking 3 gallons of water.

    dont waste your money on cleanses!!!!! WATER IS THE BEST DETOX!!!!

    ericrius17 Active Member

    Important note: some drug tests are obviously more serious then others. Some testing facilities check many different vitimin levels, creatinine, urine density and other factors. Just because something worked for one guy means it will work for another.

    If you think your test will be strict, its worth knowing you will pass if you go all out and buy something. If you think it wont be strict or dont really care, then dont waste your money.

    tokinman Well-Known Member

    there are a lot of job sites out there where an inconclusive/messed up test = automatic fail. make sure you know your companies policy before putting bleach, visine etc into your piss for this reason.

    williamthebloody Active Member

    so true there are two places who drug test around here one's not so serious one is freakin nazi style about it. one lets you drink anything right up to the test, they even provide you water and has a pop machine, the other nothing to drink for at least 15 mins, even if no one else is there you still got to wait 15 mins.
    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    i think there is the basic drug test then there is the drug screening

    ststepen420 Well-Known Member

    yep some tests are piss in a cup and they dip a little plastic deal in there, the other is the serious one where its sent off to a lab. Im on probation and pass my drug test with just water. My PO always says that it was mostly water or came back neither positive or negative because it was to dilluted. He actually told me that they cant tell people not to drink water so if you ever have a PO tell you that if you piss is dilluted that you will get in trouble its bullshit. To whoever said that they wont let you drink water while you wait then id suggest threatening them with a lawsuit because they cant deny you the right to drink water.
    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    the whole problem with the test is that they just need to stop testing for weed and test for the serious drugs.

    ststepen420 Well-Known Member

    well i agree with that for the most part except the fact that cannabis is not a drug, its a plant. A drug is something manufactured by man and cannabis is a naturally growing plant that was here long before man.

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