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Guerilla Grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by gourmet, Mar 9, 2010.


    gourmet Member

    If one was planning on doing a guerilla grow, but the area had poor soil so the plants were in planters. How big should the planters be for the plants to not need to be transplanted, and should be able to be left for a week or two unattended?
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    well you could transplant directly into the ground or you could pot them in pots. If you plant in the ground you will need to prepare the soil by tilling and adding good soil. If you grow them in pots make sure the pots are big enough to hold the rootmass and you can cut off the bottoms of containers or grow bags or pot them in big peat mosss containers right into the ground.

    here's a cool video for inspiration.


    gourmet Member

    can anyone recommend a pot size?

    SpicyAK Member

    I would go with no smaller than 3 gallon pots

    sodalite Active Member

    they sell 30 gallon camo bags at most hydro shops for about 3 bucks a piece. fill most of the way with good soil mulch over the top it will help keep moisture in. add polymers if you must. but they are perfect size when growing outdoors plants are capable of putting roots out in a 6' x 6' foot mass anything under 10 gallons and your cheating yourself and your plant of its potential. but i would go higher than 10. or dig big holes. either way it takes some investment to get a good bumper. your not going to do it with 3 gallon pots, sorry.

    jokero11 Member

    id say dig holes atleast 1.5 x1.5x1.5feet and bring in some good soil mix ull get atleast 65 litres of soil per hole thats over 10 galoons by a fair amount and it b worth the effort in the end.
    before u fill ur hole losen the soil at the bottom so the roots can go down a lil deeper.

    im no expert by the way but im sure ull need more than molases. look into organic fertz blood bone meal etc........
    mix it with u soil...:blsmoke:

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