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guano, molasses, kelp, worm castings..??????

Discussion in 'Organics' started by ReeferChiefer361, Mar 10, 2010.


    ReeferChiefer361 Active Member

    Hello all. I'm making an official attempt at growing some Mary J. In the past I've tried but roomate complications and neighbors have cut my efforts short. Well, I no longer have a roomate and I have a 100% safe and secure spot to grow. I just recieved my seeds yesterday from attitude.
    1. 2 Pineapple Express (G13)
    2. 2 Trainwreck (Greenhouse)
    3. 2 Chocolope (DNA Genetics)
    4. They're all Feminized
    The Plan is to Germ all 6 beans and then pray for a single sexy lady from each batch. If all goes well I should have 3 beautiful mothers. They will be cloned and put into a room and grow up to be flowered and consumed :bigjoint:! So, now that thats over with. I've never gone organic. Smoked some organic and it completely turned me on to the whole idea of cleanliness (in terms of weed) lol. I'm a pretty clean person all together, so it works. I'm just curious of what kind of additives do i use, (bonemeal, lime, bat guano, seabird guano, molasses, ect...)and in what rations? I have a fair idea but i dont really know forsure. BTW I'm using Fox Farms Happy Frog soil. If even you could just point a finger in the right direction it would appreciated. + Rep

    univativegrower Member

    You could make your own teas, but it might be easier to get a pre-mixed organic fert like Earth Juice or Age Old. I've heard Bio-Bizz is good too but it's expensive so I've never used it.
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    bobsgreen Active Member

    Yeah i gotta go with the earthjuice..youll also want some beneficial beasties..get some great white or what i use..humbolt nutrients prozyme..earth juice is good stuff though it has all the classic organic ingredients and guaranteed analysis(npk ratio)
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    ReeferChiefer361 Active Member

    Thank you my friend. I'm going to look into Earth Juice tomorrow.

    ReeferChiefer361 Active Member

    Word. Thanks buddy.

    univativegrower Member

    The only beef I have with Earth Juice is that the flowering formula has NO N at all. If you don't beef up the formula with some added kelp, you will have yellow leaves by week 4 of flowering. Also, it is best to bubble it for 24 hours before you use it to create the proper bacteria. This is from a different blog, but a good Earth Juice use guide:

    Jerry Garcia

    Jerry Garcia Well-Known Member

    I'm a huge proponent of BMO Organics. It's everything you want in your organic tea, but they have done all the brewing work for you!


    That link goes to a description of the BMO Grow formula. Links to their other products are found at the bottom of the page. I use Cal-Mag+ in addition to the BMO line (I think they are a little low in calcium and magnesium, and the + has trace elements). I will also sometimes use Fox Farm Big Bloom, which is an organic mix of castings, guano and kelp.

    I've never used happy frog, but it looks pretty good. I use my own mix of BioBizz Light Mix, Fox Farm Light Warrior, BMO High-Nitrogen bat guano, BMO Worm Castings, and some granular mycorrhizae. Check the link in my signature for my journal and recent pics of the crop...I love BMO!

    wyteboi Well-Known Member

    the easiest way would be to , mix a tsp per gallon of soil with .... blood meal/bone meal/kelp OR 2 tsp of seabird shit/kelp ....its all about getting the ratio right. 3-1-2 is a proper ratio to shoot for. u want a lil more N then pk and a lil more K then p ......for veg ..... then in flower , you'll want a tiny bit more PK in the mix .. so maybe a 3-3-3 or 3-4-4 .
    ( i think "standard" is a TB per gallon of soil .... but i like to go a lil weak)

    max420thc Well-Known Member

    or you could go take a few simple notes from subcools super soil and never have to worry about nutes..after you make and cook the soil for a month put in 10 or 7 gallon grow pot follow instructions (not to hard after making the soil)JUST POUR WATER. LOL go check out his buds and buds others use growing with his method.all organic . just add water.

    ReeferChiefer361 Active Member

    definatly somewhere in the future i'm gonna do a big outdoor grow at my ranch and i want to use that super soil mix but. but right now i'm growing indoors and i've just recently learned that my "organic" choices may not work inside due to the smell lol. so for now i think im gonna go with ocean forest and cut it with dolomite lime or maybe ocean forest and light warrior in 2-1 ratios with some earth juice and molasses. heard a lot of good things about ocean forest if you cut it with lime or mix with light warrior, sunshine #4 or pro mix.

    wyteboi Well-Known Member

    Teas may have some smell sometimes but the soil mix does not stink at all. Those bat/bird shits are not that bad at all and when u mix with soil there is no bad smell at all. (i like the smells of all that shit , teas an all but thats me)

    Subcools soils are the best. OF is fine too.
    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

    You will need to inocculate, that is the largest problem I see with
    Organics... People think they are trading quantity for quality, but
    that only happens because they are not propetly developing their
    live soils, you need micro organisms and biologicals and enzymes
    to break down the Guano's, kelps, and meals for the plants, your
    plant will take much longer to do it itself, resulting in weak growth.

    wyteboi Well-Known Member

    Thats why a good soil is the best thing u can start with. All them things needed to make a good soil is in worm castings and or good compost. (not everything but the things listed above, biologicals, humics, fulvics, enzymes ect....)

    avid.toke Well-Known Member

    Have you already picked up some of the things youve listed? If so, worm casting are a real mild fertilizer, called black gold by some, and it can be mixed with the soil. I believe the best ratio is 20 % castings and 80 % soil. A higher castings ratio wont necessarily cause fertilizer burn but it will inhibit root growth (on account of its consistency, similar to something like clay). As some have mentioned before, you could also make a tea from basically all things listed in the thread title. The idea behind brewing a tea is to soak all of the goodness away from those items and into your tea. Organic materials are teaming with microorganisms and those MO are very beneficial for your plants. This is because they eat nutrients out of the water and replace it with their excrement, which are much simpler and easier for plants to use. Molasses has been known to increase yield size (as it is a very good carbohydrate supplement) but it also feeds the microorganisms and having it present as you aerate your tea is never a bad thing.
    Organics really are the way to go but things can get a little tricky. Different ratios and brew ingredients will be better for different strains and genetics, trial and error work best, have a little fun with it.

    cabrainmunda Active Member

    you dont need N for flowering.

    wyteboi Well-Known Member

    this thread is years old.

    OF COURSE YOU NEED N FOR FLOWER ?! thats horrible info cab!


    blueJ Active Member

    wow you went back two years to make a misleading statement??

    It should really read "you dont need N for late flowering"

    I used to run PBP grow and bloom and would switch to EJ bloom the last 15 to 20 days for exactly this reason :)
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    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    Threadromancy! In any case, newbie here, but from my extension book knowledge (that's how its done in college right?), N is needed at lower levels during initial flowering stage but can be dropped off as you reach the final weeks.

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