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Growing Weed with Christmas Lights

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by doggy123, Aug 26, 2010.


    doggy123 Active Member

    hey ive just germinated my seeds and theyve popped up ive only got 3 choices
    40 watt indacesent light or 60 however you spell it
    orr christmas lights
    these are my plants a day after germination they wernt under light.... any help or advice is veryy usefull DSC00439.jpg DSC00440.jpg

    Delta*nine Member

    are you serious LOL stay away from the Christmas lights. same with the regular 40w or 60w lights stay away from those you need at least CFL lights.
    go to home depot and get 1, 2, 3 however many sockets you want. and get the light for working under the hood on your car the ones with the plastic cage around the bulb. like 5 dollors each get a couple or a few of those.
    then buy a bunch of light spliter's make on light into 2 add another you get 3 lights per cord. there like 80 cents each
    get Daylight and Bright white CFL bulbs the ones you use in your house lamps the bigger the better. take the cage off the light socket add 1 spliter for 2 bulbs or 2 spliters to run 3 bulbs have a few of the 3 bulb setups one over each plant. 5-pack of bulbs under 10 dollors. that will be the cheapest way to do it and get halfway decent plants.

    or if you can come up with some money you can search the web. craigslist ect. for a cheap 250w or 400w HPS setup they will be close in price so its worth getting the 400 cause in a year you will probably be getting one anyways. that way you do it the rite way from the start. its worth the investment it will pay for itself over and over anything you add to your grow will pay for itself.
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    LAX Skunky BwS

    LAX Skunky BwS Well-Known Member

    hahahaha @ Xmas Lights

    fruitrollup New Member

    they look dead

    Thor1911 Well-Known Member


    tip 1: way to big of a container
    tip 2: get some real lights
    Dinosaur Bone

    Dinosaur Bone Active Member

    :? :eyesmoke: Christmas Lights. Just because the Virgin Mary in the Nativity Scene is lit up with these lights, doesn't mean you can grow a Virgin Mary with them.

    I have seen pics somewhere of people sacrificing a giant Rubbermaid lid drilled full of 1/8" holes, and poking Red & Blue Christmas LED 's through. Kinda, sorta, maybe I suppose could possibly work. Just because they are red & blue & LED dont mean they are rocking the correct light spectrums, or rocking much at all. Presumably, you saw these pics too and wondered if maybe you should try.

    IF you serious about a DIY LED project.... here is the same supply place that serious LED grow light manufacturers {probably} get LED's at. >>>> http://www.kingbrightusa.com/newscatalog2010.asp <<<< Soldering and figuring out a power supply required.

    natasharester Member

    i would just go to home depot the have fluorescent lights its cheap to pick it up.............
    so HEY could anyone tell me how to get my picture to go from here to my profile thingy LIKE your guys kind of is............
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    Serapis Well-Known Member

    Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree......

    Natasha, click on "My Rollitup in upper left hand corner, then on left side, click on Edit Avatar.

    natasharester Member

    thanks for helping me out with that
    Killer Vanilla

    Killer Vanilla Well-Known Member

    Daym natasha i would cum all over that face

    i can also see your nipples thru that top, nicceeeeee.

    natasharester Member

    Lol...................................thanks for the warning
    Mazar i Shariff

    Mazar i Shariff Active Member

    Christmas lights, huh? Just when you thought you've heard it all! haha


    natasharester Member

    SERIOUSLY THOUGH..........i do wonder though if they were rainbow lights that flashed or boring white lights hehehe

    xxxcmackk Active Member

    and send a pic this way my dear..

    superbak3d Well-Known Member

    I honostly didn't expect this forum to have 12 year old virgins hanging around.

    sigh, -1 for myself.

    natasharester Member

    AWWWWWW be nice to xxxxcmack
    insane 559 jc

    insane 559 jc Well-Known Member

    those would be nipples, id recognize them anywhere ahem i mean yeah get some decent lights harumph harumph shes fine harumph
    insane 559 jc

    insane 559 jc Well-Known Member

    sixty nine posts sweet!
    insane 559 jc

    insane 559 jc Well-Known Member

    aww damn it

    machnak Well-Known Member

    Wow, children children children....

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