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Growing Under The Oaktree Canopy

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by DIRTHAWKER, May 9, 2008.


    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    To plant under the canopy or out in the full sun?

    Out in full sun a foot or two from the perimeter of the tree would be ideal, but the eyes in the sky have me worried.

    Under the canopy would be very secure but will they grow.

    I have about ten females vegging for a month now and are just waiting for me to put them out.

    I have no problems with neighbors seeing it, just the copters.

    My question is: Is there enough light penetration to grow a decent plant?

    ORECAL Well-Known Member

    they will grow, just not as well as in full sun.

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    thanks for the quick response,,

    I knew they would grow,, i just wondered if plants under a canopy is a waste of time,, yield wise?

    its a questionable debate i am having with myself:roll:

    I keep saying to myself,
    "plant under the canopy and be worry free 'weak strechy plants, small yield"


    Just put them out in the full sun and hope i dont get busted!!

    what to do?????

    i should note,, there is lots of wild growth under the canopy,,, various weeds etc..

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    OK i thought i would make this a little more interesting and add some pics to see if i could get some help.

    the area is right under this oak tree on the other side of this fence.. I plan on cutting that low branch to give a little more light. the little plot gets about 5-6 hrs of good afternoon intermitent sun.

    what do you think?

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    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    those plants look really nice, if you put them under the tree they will deffently get stretched out, but like you said it will be safer.

    Not sure what to do. Perhaps if you have the will power, put them out in the full sun some days, and under the tree for other days. Or are you goign to plant them in the ground?

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    I already dug several holes out around the perimeter of that tree in full sun, i even have foxfarm soil with all the goddies sitting in the holes marinating. I planned on topping and even tying, but still, when the foliage drys out there still gonna stick out. this is why im thinking i should dig some new holes under the tree.

    has anyone grown under oak trees before?

    im willing to sacrifice a bit of yield for security.

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    Another thought i had.
    What if i just continued to veg these girls under the t5 until june 1st, get them nice and bushy and topped.
    Then switch the lights to 12/12 for 3 weeks and then transplant them into the holes under the canopy on june 21st "summer solstice is june 21st and the days start to get shorter.

    will they continue to flower?


    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    master growers where are you????

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    Pete Moss

    Pete Moss Active Member

    Looks like you have some kind of non-deciduous live oaks there...deciduous ones work better because their leaves are thinner, let more light through...however, you can open it up a little with some judicious 'shotgun pruning'. Just aim a 12ga at the sun and open up a nice ragged hole...kinda extreme but it works. Your yield won't be as good as full sun but plenty of people grow under trees successfully...good luck!

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    I have a really powerful pressure washer that i think will do the trick.

    blunt007 Active Member

    put those suckers under the sun! just a few feet away from that tree where they can recieve full sunlight... i would honestly doubt they would be found by the poo poo's UNLESS that was a hot spot! if i were you i"d do it, do you hear the bird fly over frequently?

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    Theres an airport about 10 miles from here, so there is a fair amount of planes and copter activity. We also have a hotshot DEA agent who was recently recognized nationwide for his ability to spot grows.
    Its a gamble no doubt.

    SouthernOregonOrganic Well-Known Member

    Dude sounds risky... B safe dont risk it if your that close to air traffic. I was wondering the same thing about planting under foliage, and after reading this post i have answered my own question. Grow under foliage and dont risk getting ur crop taken or worse, getting busted....

    capncash Well-Known Member

    Air traffic is a good thing. might keep the copters away. putting them under the tree is going to limit the amount of veg and they might go immediately into flower and stretch out. not good. I would veg them til you are ready for them to flower if your gonna put them under the tree.

    SouthernOregonOrganic Well-Known Member

    How and y would that keep the copters away? If any thing it sounds like ur in the path of heavy air traffic so there is a good chance that they would b spotted form the air.. But that whole idea of vegging till ready to flower might b a good idea, that is if you have sufficent lighting indoor, I.E at least a 600 watt MH.

    backyardchem Active Member

    should remember, they are weeds after all, and will grow under many circumstances, only their output will vary

    capncash Well-Known Member


    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    This is just a municipal airport, small planes etc.. I think the majority of flights are hobbiest and student pilot type instruction flights. This area is less populated and ideal for students practicing maneuvers. I have a friend whos a pilot and weve flew over my house several times assesing the visibility.
    The FAA rule in the area is 1000 ft above ground level, at that height i couldnt distinguish between types of plants and colors, but then again im not a trained professional.

    I keep switching back and forth between full sun or under the tree, were talking 8-10 plants.

    Ive always been they type of person that when i do something i wanna do it right. I really would hate to see my plants streched and week. But, i dont want to get hauled away either!!
    This is mostly for personal use and i hope to be able to do this for years to come.

    The other option was too veg them until june, then switch the lights, get them flowering ,, then put them under the tree.

    OH SHIT i CANT MAKE UP MY MIND!!!!!!!:roll:

    s.c.mtn.hillbilly Well-Known Member

    they absolutely need sun! more sun more bud. I'd try 5 gal.buckets painted grey and khaki with chicken wire cages, and plenty of holes in the bottom. keep moving them, especially as harvest nears.how often depends on the cessnas and helos.- one benefit to ridiculous fuel costs! too expensive to fly that much. moving it around also eliminates trails becoming obvious to rippers. you can camo the cage some;just don't shade the plant!

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