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growing shrooms outdoors

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by marcnh, Jan 13, 2008.


    marcnh Well-Known Member

    Hi, the question is pretty simple.
    1. How can I grow shrooms outdoors?
    2. Is there a strain you recommend?
    I've handled lsd and salvia very well having good experiences with them both
    I was thinking of growing them in an area where other mushrooms are already growing. I've seen sites where I can get the spores so that shouldn't be a problem.
    I had a friend who grew shrooms and he said it will be very hard to grow them outdoors, but it HAS to work in a certain situation of course, they grow wild! lol. Thanks in advance for any advice! Peace.:mrgreen:

    Please note that I cannot grow them indoors, and I can't tell you the exact reason why - lets just say its not worth it if I get caught so its not an option.

    marcnh Well-Known Member

    any thoughts? I've never tried shrooms, and could never find them so I need to grow my own.

    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    i grew shrooms a lot about 7 years ago and found some interresting shit. they will grow outside if the conditions are right. mainly humidity! i own a pig and she produces a lot of shit. so i composted shit and straw for a good year before i got the idea to innoculate the compost with one of the cakes i had growing(pf tek) and it does run through and you will get shrooms. late spring was when i tried it it was rainy and very warm.

    the trick is to start the cakes in jars and sacrifice 1 jar for this when the jar is full of mycilium (the white shit) break it into pieces and put it inside some kind of compost pile
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    tahoe58 Well-Known Member

    overfiend....good post. the allowable variation in environmental conditions for growing shrooms is quite narrow....I believe the home-managed environment a good guide. they do grow in the wild....and the mircoclimate of light, moisture, heat and air movement are quite specific...just as we do when we adjust our indoor growing environment. I am unfamiliar with any particularly recommended outdoor strains....ralphsters and sporeworks have been good source of strain info in the past.
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    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    i've even had cakes run through shredded wet cardboard as long as there is moisture and food for the mycillium

    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    you have to start them indoors first the microclimate is much more critical when they are still spores. once mycillium is healthy and completly run through the cake you can handle them a lot more with out the risk of contamination

    think of it like singleing out 1 fungus(shroom) out of dozens that are present anywere in your working environment once you have singled it out and achived mycillium it can fight off other molds and invaders.

    i would say if you are gonna do it wait for a hot summer month that is wet and you will have no problems

    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    i grew a pf tek psilocbe about 7 years ago and did quite a few runs all with success but i am not familiar with strains around these days

    tahoe58 Well-Known Member

    yea the whole strain things like with weed has exploded....I think I saw somewhere..there are over 160 strains of pc.

    marcnh Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies! I'll be researching this more and checking back!

    I'm thinking of starting them in the mycobags covered in sticks/leaves ect until the bag is white with mycillium, then expose them to partial light for the shrooms to grow. What do you all think of this process? I gave you all good rep, thanks!

    gundam31 Active Member

    hey ima little new to growing and i dont get whole of terms and stuff but what does "cakes" mean i wanna start growing shrooms outside and i have everything ready but im not sure what im missing any help would be greatly appreciated

    DMTER Well-Known Member

    I think the best strain for outdoors in jjust about any climate (unless its in arizona in the middle of summer or alaska in the middle of winter) is plantasia very easy to grow and doesnt want to give up! Everyone should try to start guerilla patches around there area spread the shroomies around the world! And gundam cakes are brownrice mixed with vermiculite and water then throwen in a jjar and inoculated with spores (of course you have to sterilize with a pressure cooker the pftek covers everything) also you should check out shroomery.org theres alot of info on there!

    marcnh Well-Known Member

    sweet! im so excited i got some replies. thanks all. yeah i'll check out that shroomery.org.

    Can anyone recommend a website to get the spores? I'm in the usa.

    DMTER Well-Known Member

    go to spore101.com I dig 'em.

    psyconut Active Member

    you could just buy a spawnbag of either Ps. Azurences or Ps. Cyanscens and grow on woodchips in your garden. the patch can last over 70 if maintained well and these strains are the two strongest psilocybin mushrooms known to man. just go to shayana headshop and you can get a spawnbag for about £25. this is what I've done and it's working great for me
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    danieljk91 Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty interested in growing shrooms too but have no idea what to do... I hear that spores are legal to purchase in USA if you don't live in some states??? Also do the mushrooms themselves produce spores so i can just keep growing more off of the last batch i grew?

    superskunkxnl Well-Known Member

    u can create prints from what you grow to get more spores check out pf tek on youtube itll explain everythin

    budman500013 Active Member

    most important thing with shrooms is to make sure u let them grow...people mess with them, touching them and moving them...all that does is degrade the mushroom and could kill a harvest.

    marcnh Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I guess the best way would be to let the cakes get white inside, then bring em outside and put them in a hole lined and covered in plastic with the bottom having perlite and as much water as you can without touching the bottom of the cake.
    Also I will use pftek, B-Plus stain mushrooms, and do this in the summer since psylo mush are tropical. Peace!

    kaosisallwesee Active Member

    check shroomery.org i think there a whole thing on outdoor growing

    ANC Well-Known Member

    If you are going to plant outside... be a good conservationist and plant local species.
    I recently found out we also have a psilocybin shroom, p. transkei. Which is where pondo comes from...

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