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Growing season

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Pokesmot, Dec 31, 2006.


    Pokesmot Active Member

    I'm planning an outdoor crop for as soon as the next growing season starts. Anyone know when the earliest possible time I could start growing for someone who lives in central US?

    Wavels Well-Known Member

    Generally you can put your plants in the ground after last frost/freeze date for your area. If you grow in containers you can put them out earlier because you can bring them in to avoid temperature dips.

    Here is a link you may find helpful.

    NCDC: Freeze/Frost Maps

    I like to start plants indoors at least a month before I put them outside. A more mature plant can withstand temp extremes better than a little seedling, or a smallish clone. The earlier you put plants out (in ground especially) the bigger the plant gets before it starts to flower....voila...bigger plants, bigger yields.


    eb1121 Active Member

    everyone always gives this chart. I have read it and still dont know when the last freeze in Austin, Tx is. can someone that undenstands the chart tell me?

    mogie Well-Known Member

    For people who hate charts try this simple method. When you see blossoms on the trees it's time to start the babies germinating indoors. After they sprout put em into cups, after you see roots put em into pots and after established they go outside.
    Nelson Mutz

    Nelson Mutz Well-Known Member

    Mogie's advice is good; trees and bushes blooming are a good indicator. For the Austin area, IMO, I would start seeds indoors about mid April. You could get them in the ground probably the 1st week of May. I know people that live in the Georgetown area, and that's about when they start their veggies growing. Hope this helps.


    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    If you could start them indoors for like 3 months in feb and put them outside in april .They will get really big

    albright003 Active Member

    i want to see this
    sounds amazing

    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member


    maxtoki Member

    helllo all iim a new member wasup, anyways i need a little help reading that chart aswell, im from canada bc and need to know when the perfect time to put my clones in the ground any help would be great thanks

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