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growing pot size

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by if.I.grow.it.theywillcome, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. my last grow i had about 15 plants. so i had 15 6 inch pots. 15 8 inch pots and finished in 10 inch pots. i think i had a good grow. got great reviews. now my question is. i am growing 50 plants and i am starting them off in all different size pots. i know i am going to have to transplant the little ones. but can a plant grow from start to finish in a big pot? will it grow slower because it is trying to grow better roots? just anyone who has any experience on this. i know it grows in the ground and that shit is limitless depth....so i kinda hope i am all good....

    madcatter Active Member

    :leaf:I go from party cups at clone to 5 gallon pots .... and grow some serious plants. Sometimes bigger is better....:lol:
  3. so you think it will hurt growth to start off in a big pot? i got my soil real shallow for the tap root and was going to fill it up as it grew....wdyt?

    CrackerJax New Member

    You'll be fine. With slow growing plants, you need to keep stepping them up so the soil isn't worn out, and utilized by other undesirable plants.

    Weed is a fast grower. You'll have no troubles using a large pot from the get go. You'll probably end up with a bigger plant since there is no interruption.

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