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growing one plant

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by blaze420, Oct 19, 2007.


    blaze420 Active Member

    i wanna grow one plant indoors what is the most effective and cheapest way to go about growing it.

    student Well-Known Member

    one u need at least 5 seeds i would start with that

    student Well-Known Member

    then you need to get an moist paper towel and wrap seeds in it its ok if it drips just put in cup then put it in daark place WAIT 3 ! DAYS

    get back to me after 3 days till then read every thing in the GrowFAQ at the to of the page {HAVE FUN}

    :D :D :D

    igstid420 Well-Known Member

    if you only want 1 plant, 5 seeds may be a waiste. But also, u deffinetly want more than 1 plant to grow. There will be no quarentee that your 1 plant is female. Would be a huge waiste to dedicate time in effort to bloom out a male. You should grow no less than 3 plants. That 'should" produce atleast 1 female, goodluck
    Happy Stranger

    Happy Stranger Active Member

    buy five feminized seeds, try to sprout them one at a time, and plant the first to sprout. use the left overs for subsequent one-plant grows (?)

    olosto New Member

    What do you have available and how much money do yo have to blow? :)

    SeniorRaincloud Active Member

    yeah start of with a couple seeds and then plant all the ones that look the best=)!!! from there use sum cfls there really cheap and they do the job=)!!!

    rastakolnikov Well-Known Member

    No you can't

    Gritter Member

    You can, but your fleshlight usage really has nothing to do with the welfare of your plants.

    Someone mentioned "feminized seeds" earlier, but I wanted to add:

    If you only want ONE plant, the only way to guarantee it'll be a female, is to start with a clone. In my Medical Marijuana state, clones are available at most dispensaries from $6.00 to $14.00 per plant.

    The cheapest lighting would be flourescents, but you really need something more powerful after the seedling stage.

    If you're set on only growing one plant, a 400 watt HID light would treat you well. You could get one that does Metal Halide for vegetative, and High Pressure Sodium for the flowing stages. Good luck. :leaf:

    quik410 Member

    I heard that if you grow 1 plant, under a 1000 Watt light, vegetate it for 1 month, start topping right after the third inter node, continue topping throughout the vegetation, flower it using a trellis so light penetrates the canopy, you can get a pretty big plant that could weigh around 1 pound if not more. Also grow it in a 30 gallon pot, or a 15 gallon pot, but the 30 gallon pot would be better...

    Krabby Active Member

    I really lol'd.......thanks for the laugh.

    supchaka Well-Known Member

    30 gallons is way overkill for an indoor plant with 1 month veg. 5-10 would be fine.

    Elder1 Active Member

    Having a few single plant grows in tiny spaces under my belt, I can tell you now that you really want to get everything right from the start such as good genetics, ventilation, medium etc because you are putting all your eggs in one basket. (and if you get a really shitty pheno your stuck with it)

    I always buy feminized seeds for single grows, use approx 120w or over of the correct spectrum cfls, LST from very early on and use a tried and true nutrient regime.

    Even using LST to maximize your yields (my little single grows would usually end up at 16" high and 22" wide!) I grew tired of putting in all the work and waiting time just to pull a couple of ounces...now I use 700w of HID lighting and its just beginning to feel worth the time. Everyone has different needs though, you might not burn through an ounce a week like I do!

    imchucky666 Well-Known Member

    Dam guys, are we talking 'flashlight' or 'fleshlight' here???? LOL

    redriver Member

    In lieu of the HID's you can get red and blue LED's that put off the correct light waves for both vege and flowering stages. This is since you are growing only one plant. Keeps the heat down, less ele used, less chance of a fire (since you sound as if you are new to this).

    Villa Active Member

    Another person who's going to give you advice he "heard".Don't listen to this dude as he knows nothing about growing.

    OP.. What do you have to work with? A couple cfl bulbs will work nicely for 1 plant. A 400 watt for 1 plant IMO is way overkill.There's so many questions you haven't answered. Do you have access to clones, femmed seeds, or will you be using bagseed? Do you have a place for your grow all picked out?We need more info.

    beefcakez Member

    This thread is extremely old..

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