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growing on my window sill in england

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by starway, Mar 8, 2007.


    starway Active Member

    hi all,
    sorry im a complete newb never grown before, i have about 11 plants growing all right next to each other as i didnt expect any of the seeds to grow i just shoved it into a pot with another plant. the marijuana stems are
    like literally next to eachother i have bound the stems together it looks like some thick stem.
    so far the tallest plant is about 27 cm and they have been growing with another plant in a pot thats about 27cm
    so far they look reasonably healthy i have to cut leaves of because the lower leaves become pale looking and shrivel up a bit so i cut them to avoid any problems incase its disease.
    i never feed them only water when the pot is dry, and i never ever use artificial light. they have been growing for about 3 months if not a bit more.
    but do u think i will ever manage to get any bud from them if they are so close to eachother and if i dont give them artificial light. i know i have to change the light cycle. but i dont know when to change it and i dont know if they are all males or what.
    do male plamts still smell like cannabis during the vegative growth, cause my smell quite nice when the sun has been shining.
    i appreciate anyone who has taken the time to just read, i hope someone can help me out and let me know what to do or whether i have any hope in growing.
    i also find it strange that the plant actually grew in englands winter as i planted it in the winter with another plant. does it also mean that my weed plants can take the nutrition fromt he other plant? because that would be cool.
    thanx ill appreciate any help i can get.

    morp Well-Known Member

    if youre growing on your windowsill at this time of year, the natural light cycle of the sun doesnt provide the amounts of light your little guys require. aim for at least 18hours of light on your little chaps a day. try putting under artificial light when it goes dark if nothing else. how many nodes have developed on them? 27cm is fairly tall, they stretching and bare or quite dense? good luck man

    starway Active Member

    to be honest they arent all healthy looking and theyre all really quite thin . there is liek 2-3 strong dominant looking ones and the rest are kinda stil alive just not doing very much, and the healthy looking ones have alot of nodes its just as a new node grows the leaves that get sheltered die and then the node stops prodcuing leaves and it just a lump ont he healthy ones the top node is lookign really quite healthy and the ones underneath are looking quite miserable.
    do u think its possible to grow with just englands sun as its approaching spring and my windowsill is facing south where the sun rises, alls i know is my room gets all the sun in the house.
    they dont really look thick at all to be honest they look weak as shit compared to some pics iv seen on the next.
    and plus theres like 11 plants in 1 pot. lol
    i have seen 1 plant on the net that has been gorwing for about 1 month and it looks 10 times m,ore healthy than mine .
    ill try and post a pic soon.

    boldsy Active Member

    alrite chief,
    it is possible to do it n i no cos im currently doing it. I have 8 plants and they are. Ive been growing them for 4 months without food and artificial lights on my windowsill. I started them late december which is pretty stupid but they have done fine. There is a chance they wont bud because after all we live in england, and the weathers shit. Alls you can hope for is a blazin summer and then you'll be buzzin when ur smokin a fat reefer. alls ur plants require is 12/12 for now cos thats what they get were there originally from, just try it mate all has gone well for me so far my plants are 43cm to 51cm and still growing. hope this helped chief

    magoone07 Active Member


    magoone07 Active Member


    HUMBOLDTgrower Member

    you need to separate each plant. keep them close to each other, but don't tie the stems together. and it sounds like you need to give them more light. put them under a lamp for 6 hours to make them bud. you vegged the plant out, that's the hard part, if you invest into a lamp and bud them out for another 8 weeks, you won't be dissatisfied with your results. or try having them out at the beginning of summer. your not going to get enough sunlight in the winter.

    middletbbc13 Member

    Hey, man ive been doing the same thing as you. im on the east coast and started in late december. i have one plant in one pot its a female and about a month in it started to bud. its still budding. ive been feeding it every third water which is about once a week or so because it is a small pot. but i mean for this just being an experimental grow ill prolly get about a gram and a half. ha mind you my plant if only about 9 inches tall lol

    chris/85 Member

    cant stand they ENGLISH freaks!!!

    Uvalax Active Member

    Really you think this guy still needs help 3 years later?
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    hahahaha i was going to try to help this guy too until I read that. really though for the record it's absolutely possible and the sun is plenty as long as the window gets the most sun possible (northeast us would be a south or southwestish facing window). my first ever grow was done this way. I started them at the beginning of april, harvested in late oct with a little less than an ounce dry weight off the 1 that turned out female. its tricky if you need to use the room though because at night you cant really have the lights on during flower. Leave the window open for some nice breeze (depending on what kind of screen you have if the lights are off during the day no one can see a thing) and if a novice can do this in the northeast sun imagine what you can get where the sun is brighter. Turn every 4 days. so what if the op isnt here? its still good stuff to chat about. he cant be the only guy wondering about sill growing. i never see threads about it.

    headworm Member

    Pull the crappy looking ones and focus your attention on the healthier, stronger looking plants. Put them in a individual larger pots with well drained soil. I wouldn't bother about vegging something that tall anymore, make sure it gets 12 hours(ish) of light and 12 hours(ish) of dark and they'll flower. Might not get a stupid amount of dense bud, but you will have some nice organic smoke.

    I find that autoflowering plants are the best for window sills. They only get 12-15" tall and will flower no matter what the light cycle. Try something like easyryder if your current ladies turn pear-shaped.

    Hope that helps.

    No, but the next person might.

    nosnebelyk Member

    Sorry to bring up an old thread bt @chris/85-f*** you! Nothin wrong with us english. Notice u dnt disclose ur location. Pffft.

    English and proud!

    Rant over... If you started in december in the uk would it not b the equivalent of 12/12 from seed back into veg, back into flower at the normal time? Seems to me if thats the case he's on to something in regards to early sexing?

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