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Growing In North Carolina

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by bikeguy, Apr 20, 2009.


    bikeguy Active Member

    What would the punishment for say 6 plants outdoors be?

    I live on a lot of land and there is a pretty safe spot on our property. The only thing that concerns me is sometime in the past few years my neigbor got busted for having "$50,000" of marijuana... which shit could mean he had 2 plants and the cops just made up a number idk...

    anyways is that anything to worry about? He lives on 200+ acres and i live on a bit less than that but its still a good chunk of land and the property is connecting. But its a lot of fenced fields so there is literally no way for a cop to get to where im growing other than drive 1/3 mile down our private driveway/road and walk a quarter mile.

    The only way i can see me possibly getting caught is by a hunter trespassing on our property and seeing them. But i imagine most hunters either wouldnt give a shit or wouldnt know what it was

    smokeybandit22 Well-Known Member

    look on the Norml website-all state info is listed

    NorbitHuffer Member

    where can I find the Normi website link?


    smokedogg63 Well-Known Member

    Yahoo,Then You See This Weight of Marijuana and North Carolina Criminal and Tax Law

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    sale, transport, and cultivation of up to ten #'s is punishable by maximum term of 12 months.....

    nc roks, i need to move there...

    submachinegun Well-Known Member

    50gs for 2 plants, haha sounds like you live in Davidson Co.!

    SOorganic Well-Known Member

    "What would the punishment for say 6 plants outdoors be?"

    Well ur in NC,sooo probably the Death penalty.The Carolina's are the last states i would want to be growing in, every thing there is so back ass wards. Progressivenes is shunned.

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    yeah, that's why they're working on a medical marijuana bill right now, right?

    submachinegun Well-Known Member

    actually NC has pretty mild laws compared to our neighbors. we've decriminalized small amounts with fines and some community service...

    I think NC has potential!

    llLOU Well-Known Member

    Work with the people who are trying to get MM laws in your state, then get a card and grow ,grow ,grow.

    Babs34 Well-Known Member

    A hunter would give a shit enough to take it.

    Babs34 Well-Known Member

    If you're going to do it, plant it surrounded by briar......those deer love it too.

    Babs34 Well-Known Member


    SOorganic Well-Known Member

    That bill has about a good a chance of passing as i do sprouting a horn and some wings tomorrow morning. But with that being said i wish nothing but the best of luck.

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    that's what they said about cali's prob 215.....


    Babs34 Well-Known Member

    Now, now...let's be positive. It has more of a chance passing "if" people sign the letter showing their support...matters not what state you live in.
    I for one will not be one more person in society attempting to cover that the "eversovery wicked marijuana" is just well......a part of who I am.
    When becoming a part of law enforcement, you take an oath to SERVE and PROTECT............I WILL HAVE MY PROTECTION.

    maxamus1 Well-Known Member

    lmfao i hate that place.
    Tha Rev

    Tha Rev Member

    Herd dat! haha. Good 'old Hege Country! Damn glad not to see that black Impala drivin around any more, that's for sure...Roadblocks galore, good god...

    allSmilez Active Member

    Hmmm, lived there for 20 years, up till 2010. You should not speak of things you know nothing about. Myself, I've been busted 3 times, each time I was driving and smoking, each time I was holding a bag. One for a quarter, the second time was a half ounce, and the third time I was carrying a little more than a half. I won't say what city, but I will say this, I WAS NEVER CHARGED WITH "INTENT TO DELIVER," NEVER CITED FOR IMPAIRED OPERATION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE, and I nutted up and went to court without a lawyer and plead GUILTY.........what happened you say????? The D.A. threw out the charges. All three cases were dropped, and the reason for that, is that my local "assbackwards" officials (as you put it) decided there were more important things to spend with taxpayers money. That doesn't count the other two times for smoking in public and the police sent me on my way with just a warning. SO PROPS TO NORTH CAROLINA.

    Just FYI: North Carolina has some of the most relaxed marijuana possession laws in the country, just outside the states that legalized it for medical purposes. I don't appreciate you talking about a state being assbackwards just because you feel the need to stereotype a Southern state. NC is a lot more progressive than many Western states. You just don't hear about it. Read facts for a change and quit relying on your bigotry of a section of the country that you've probably only visited and never lived.


    ClosetGarden Active Member

    I second what allSmilez said. Visit Asheville or Boone, it is practically heaven on earth.

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