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Growing in Corn

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by phatptrck1, Jun 2, 2007.


    phatptrck1 Well-Known Member

    What's the best way to grow marijuana in corn fields? Should I germinate and then plant seeds when the corn seeds are planted, or should I start the plants inside then move them out into the field after a certain period of time?

    phatptrck1 Well-Known Member

    Advice would be appreciated...

    Shanti4life Well-Known Member

    I'm not too familiar with outdoor growing but since no one else has take the liberty to reply I would say that you should grow them inside for a bit. When the corn is larger than your plant move it outside. I think that would help with visibility things. That is what you are concerned about? Plus if you germ and veg inside for a bit you run a lower risk of having small things eat your plants. They love that stuff too. Good luck bud.

    420thAvenue Well-Known Member

    I agree with starting them inside. If you plant the mary seed when the cornseed is planted most likely mary will kill off nearby corn within her rooting area.. leaving a gap in the corn for all helicopters to see.

    I may be wrong but it makes sense to me.. wake n bake.

    recvryjst42day Well-Known Member

    If they spray vegie safe pesticides on that corn, you wanna give it at least till you have your 5th node, or your seedlings may die. I just used some of the veggie safe pesticides, cause I was having a big problem with bugs, and this is what happened to me, There are 4 nodes on the plant shown. Everything I read told me that I should wait till the 5th node, but my infestation was getting a little too serious for me, but now, I don't have to worry about infestation, cause there are almost dead........:cry:

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    scottysbroncs Active Member

    i wait til the first week of july,or until the corn is too tall for the tractors to go over and spray their last poison.To compensate for the month lost of outdoor growth time, you need to have them started indoors.Not too good with seeds, I use clones.

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    I wish I could do a corn grow. My uncle in humboldt swears by it.

    Chiceh Global Mod, Stoner Chic Staff Member

    This is your time window. You will want to have grown them already so they are big enough to be out on their own (past ankle high). When planting in the field, you should get it done before July 15 at the latest. If not the corn is too high. Go towards the middle and pick a large field. Pick a row, rip out 2 corns, plant 1 plant, go along about 10 or more plants and do the same. Depending on the corn size, you may to rip out 3. Cover your tracks, don't leave your cups or a mess there and take whatever you rip out with you. Have someone drive, drop you (turn interior light off) in a treed area (no visible house etc.) and come back in an hour or so, maybe cell phone or walkie is good idea. Rubbermaid tubs are good to carry the plants in and garbage out with. And don't forget the water jug. Good luck. Make sure you go back before they cut the corn down. :mrgreen::peace:

    GunnarGuchi Active Member

    i had 7 guerrilla spots in corn this year and this is what i used and learned from it.

    im from Denmark at 56 northern latitude

    i used early, potent and mold resistant genetics

    its important that the genetics are early, or at least early enough to finish in the corn

    here the corn is started at mid may but due to pesticide use i cant put my mj's out until mid June.

    start them inside and then grow them outside in pots in your own garden until mid June.

    when planting them out its best to do it in the dark and use a head mounted lamp
    water them with water with a nutrients to help them get started
    also spray some slow releasing fertilizer pellets around the plants to help nutrient release over time

    in Denmark they harvest the corn from start to mid October so i harvest end of September to be sure.

    corn is a perfect way to do guerrilla farming
    the soil is good and its well hidden.




    this pix isnt mine though

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Thinking about Chiceh in farmer jeans, plaid shirt tied in front and braided pony tails. You lil farmer girl LOL
    I wish I caught this post last summer :hump:

    weedstock2010 Member

    so its the last week of june and my plants are just older then 3 weeks with about 5 branches on it so do you think it will do alright in in the field?

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