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Growing for dummies full book

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Foxyok, Jun 14, 2008.


    Foxyok Active Member

    Hi all i came across this book today from soft-secrets site called Growing for dummies today http://www.soft-secrets.nl/media/file/DummiesUK.pdf and it educated me on a couple things that have been puzzling me so thought i'd pass it on to anyone who wants it's a pdf book click link then save a copy to HD :blsmoke:

    strikingreen Active Member

    HI what is the temp. range for seed in rock wool. thanks

    shylas Active Member

    LoL anywho...
    thanks for the link, took 5 min to load but it's chuck full!:clap: nice loved that bubblenator water hash sect.

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