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growing autos first time, any help?!

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by beaves IOW, Mar 12, 2013.

    beaves IOW

    beaves IOW Active Member

    I'm starting my first ever grow in 1 week and need any advise from people who grow low ryders! Ive got a 3ft wide, 6ft long 6ft high grow room, I need to know if a 600w hps can handle 10 autos in that space? I thought to start them off in their final pots? Any advise on soil and nutes would be great! Many thanks in advance

    Dookz Active Member

    i doubt it, as i use almost a 5x5x7 area and wen the plants lal spread out its tight for my 7 plants as it is start off with 4 in my opinion

    Afghankushgrower Active Member

    Check out my link in my hash tag . Doing a smaller operation currently the soils nutrients lights pot sizes pictures everything you need to know is on there i did lots of research.

    Jloi Well-Known Member

    A 600 watt will cover about a 5x5 area. If you do a scog you can do a nice 4 To 5 plants I say. Ten is pushing it infact I wouldnt do it and tell ya no. Leave them in there final pot so I'd do a 2 gallon pots per plant since there autos. Doing 18/6. I like fox farm happy frog or ocean forest. And earth juice nutes. You need to keep them in there final pots. Trans planting causes stress and with autos that will hurt ur yield since they won't have a good amount of time to recoupe.

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