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Growers w/ High Alkaline Water,Help! PH trouble, Flushing, Do water filters lower PH?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Trapt1nw0nder, Apr 26, 2011.


    Trapt1nw0nder Active Member

    Ok.... So my tap water is so high in PH.... It's up there in the 8.0+...... And its a hassle when I want to give my plants a proper flush.. My ppm meter is on it's way, so I dont know what my PPM is at, but i was wondering if there is any method to lower my ph without having to be adding PH Down to my water all the time.... It wouldnt be much of a hassle if i had a PH meter, but those things are expensive, and I really have not heard any good news on lower end, under 50 dollar meters that are accurate enough..... So i'm saving up for a blue lab 200 dollar meter in the future..... But for right now, it's all PH Drop solution........ I pretty much know how much to add already for a gallon, but it's different when adding different nutrients to the mix, so pisses me off sometimes............................

    Anyways...... Some of my plants are showing some deficiencies, and i've been adding the right amount of nutes, so im pretty sure they are PH problems, and salt build up in my soil which have my plants locked out....... and it sucks having to ph nearly 5 gallons per plant just to flush them out... and I have 10 plants.... at least 40-50 gallons.... Most are 3 gallon pots.... Or should I flush 3 gallons straight out of the tap, followed by 2 gallons of ph'd water after?... hmmm..... And, No, I am not gonna be using Vinegar anymore, as that shit infested my plants with fungus gnats for the first time ever!

    Do any of you know if Filter's like the Hydro Logic Small Boy or any kind of filter lower my tap water's ph?.... If it does, I'll buy it RIGHT NOW!....... Why the hell would our City give us water so Alkaline like that.

    I wish my tap water was at least 7.5, so I could flush my plants every week without a problem....

    The drinking water we get at the watermill for 20 cents a gallon is at 7.0....... Sometimes I feel like just taking a 55 gallon res, and a $10 bill, and filling that sucker up to feed, and flush my plants, and not have to worry...... Ppl would think i was crazy, and most likely would find it kinda fishy, so dont think i would do that....lol..... plus the nearest one is like 5 miles away, so that sucks....... If i had a watermill set up next to my home, I would def pay 25 cents a gallon for my plants!!!...lol

    Trapt1nw0nder Active Member

    bump......... anyone know anything?

    drgreentm Well-Known Member

    i dont know a hell of allot about soil but for the water situation have you tried filling a good size res of your liking with your tap water and putting a little air stone in it with a aquarium pump pumping air in the water for like 12-24 hours then ph'ing it after that. after that amount of time the water should dissipate out allot of crap in the water, not sure if this will fix up your problem but its worth a shot lol.

    KitchenKhemist Active Member

    A brita water pitcher filter lowers my buddy's tapwater ph for sure. His water is normally around 7.2 to 7.5. With a new filter, ph is lowered to around 5.5 and gradually rises as the filter is used more and more. Around the last 3 weeks of filter usage, his water is near 6.7.

    Hope I helped

    Trapt1nw0nder Active Member

    Well, I dont know about help, but you gave me hope.....lol....... and I'll give you your rep if I end up getting a filter, and it actually drops my PH....... I'm sure a filter removes alot of that stuff from the water that either make it too acidic, or alkaline in my case...... Went out today, and bought a 5 gallon bottle of purified water, and 2- 2 1/2 gallon Spring water bottles with a tap, so it will be very convenient Having 1 jug for my flowering plants, and 1 for my vegging............

    This is how I do it...... I will make the 2 1/2 gallon water in the jug 4 times stronger than the recommended amount per gallon with all the nutes I am currently using..... Then I just do 1 part of the prep'd water with nutes, and 3 Parts of pure clean purified water from my 5 gallon bottle for my Big plants, 1-5 (for medium 20 day old or so plants) and 1 part/7parts for my Seedlings, (Day 0-15/20)........ It's Just a Hassle having to be mixing, measuring, storing and restocking, opening and closing nute bottles, cleaning, and PHing...... I'd make it even 10-20 times stronger, but im afraid it might be too strong, and that the nutrients might have some sort of ill effect among eachother....... I know I'm not the person who came up with this method...... I did come up with it on my own, but I'm sure alot of people out there with common sense have thought of this method for watering your plants....But I hope I helped someone who has yet to think of this on their own....... Shit, I didnt think of this till after my 3rd grow!... And, yes.... I hand water.....

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