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Grow Tent

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by BryanG1983, Nov 9, 2007.


    BryanG1983 Well-Known Member

    Indoor growing is unique in the way everyone has there own way/ideas. I am just starting out on the growing side of things after deciding that my £250 per month love for natures goodness would be more cost affective if I had my own setup. I have just purchased a ''grow tent'' for £100. It measures 1m x 1m x 2m. I have a few setup ideas in mind but was looking for any ideas as to help me on my way. Any feedback is more than welcome. :peace: Bry. </IMG>

    matt2907 Well-Known Member

    aup bryan. im just starting aswell m8. what set up, u using. TB

    weedz Active Member

    where are some good places to get tents on the web perfered

    lebowski Active Member


    BryanG1983 Well-Known Member

    Those were the same kinda price I was looking at. Ordered the med one so hope to have it early next week to start my setup.

    amsterdamman01 Active Member

    I am in the same situation, if you dnt mind can i ask where you got the tent that cheap and was it in shop or online........... And is everything included within the tent did you need to buyy lights and fans etc??? P.s i am a new grower also..........

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