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Grow tent specs and review

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Redishx, Mar 26, 2013.


    Redishx Well-Known Member


    DrKingGreen Well-Known Member

    For $80, even if it only lasts 3 grows that's not a bad investment imo. You should consider making one yourself. Get at
    [h=1]~Dankster~420. He recently made one for under $50 if I recall correctly. May have been $40. I would take his route, but I'm looking for a larger one. Probably going with http://www.ecrater.com/p/15273892/hydroponic-plant-grow-growing-tent?gps=1 or something the same size[/h]

    lerellion Well-Known Member

    I picked up a sundog 4X8X7 here in Portland Oregon it was on sale for 199.99 (the normal price is 249.99) I was a littlw worried because of the price but after going down and looking at it let me say I was impressed. ... , http://www.urbanindoorgs.com/#!__site/tents . I would def recomend this tent. And I am a 350lb disabled man that is not very mobile and I was able to put it up in about a half an hour and 2 bowls.

    029 (2).jpg 008.jpg 011.jpg 4 very large zipper doors with light tight seals,

    028.jpg 026.jpg 010.jpg 016.jpg Tent Opens all the way, metal poles and metal joints, Mylar is a defused mylar. And water proof tray is functional with decent tie downs.

    018.jpg 024.jpg 025.jpg 020.jpg Vent flaps have velcro, 600d Canvas, all ducting ports have dual drawstring closures.

    006.jpg I currently have 10 ladies about 30 veg days from seed and will flower in this tent under 2 1000w, I will be buying another one to veg/clone in.

    c4ulater Active Member

    I purchased an ebay grow tent and I am pretty satisfied with it. 4 ft x 4 ft x 6.5 ft <- tall . Instantly ran into a problem with a corner piece breaking but I called them up and they sent me two replacement parts. They only ask that I discard the broken one. Fair enough I thought. I only spent like just over $100? Well worth it IMO. I'm no experienced grower- but I do work with fabrics a lot and I can tell you it's pretty good. Unless these tents are hand made , they're all going to be from China anyways. Just my two cents.

    Btw running a 8 inch cool tube 600w hps / mh set up. 8" ducting / vent. Enough space to work with.

    Cronnoisseur Active Member


    Cronnoisseur Active Member

    Do you remember which tent/ebay seller you got it from?

    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    i have 2 secret jardin darkroom dr120 tents (4x4x7). so far...im still testing everything, i LOVE it. its extremely well built, not cheap at all. thick durable tent material, and heavy duty zippers. a few light leaks in the seams, but duct tape will be my friend. this tent was about 125.00 more than other ones on amazon. but well worth it. and should last grow after grow after grow.

    berkman858 Well-Known Member

    The problem with cheap tents is that they can collapse and kill your grow. How much is it worth to you if you lose everything? It doesn't matter that a manufacturer replaces a broken elbow after the fact because it can be too late. In my opinion it is better to know it isn't going to break and for that reason I wouldn't get a cheap tent unless you aren't planning on hanging anything from the tent structure. You could build an inner structure yourself to support the light and gear and this may be a viable option for you but again I don't like the idea.

    P.S. - I run Secret Jardin tents too. They are great.

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