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Grow Tent design

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by FLtoker, Jun 27, 2008.


    FLtoker Active Member

    Ok, I plan on running a 3x3 flood and drain table using the sea of green method. Will be getting a grow tent to make everything enclosed and keep light/odors manageable. I plan to run a 600 watt HPS over the 3x3 table. All plants will be grown at once, harvested, then a new batch of cuttings put in. I plan to do maybe 1 week or no veg time to keep them small and crank out in a quicker time. I will keep moms of the 2-3 strains I am growing at all times and clone them when needed.

    My question is that I am thinking about using a cool tube on the 600 watt. I already have my inline fan which is decently powerful. I think around 250-300 cfm. Can I leave one end of the cool tube open and suck air through for ventilation as well as keep the light cool? Also, where will my carbon scrubber and fan go in the setup. Obviously the air goes through the cool tube first, but then should it be ducting to the fan to the carbon scrubber or what? Basically want to know the order they should go in for the best ventilation. I will be simply ventilating into the attic and it should be possible to put the fan up there if thats the route I need to go. I was also wondering how big a mom area I would need. The Jardin tent I want doesn't seem like it will be big enough for the 3x3 and have room for moms and clones. Hydrohut has a almost 5x5 floorspace tent which I am looking at. Thanks in advance for the help.

    bleezyg420 Well-Known Member

    yea so use one end of your cool tube as (1) out take ? You might want another to keep temps down with 600. a flower tent and veg/momma all in one tent would be really hard. Might as well buy the smaller one for just the momma's and the Hydro Hut for a flowering room, or use a closet as a momma room.

    FLtoker Active Member

    Yeah I am coming to the realization that mums/clones in with the flower room would be somewhat difficult. Prob will just buy one of the small tents for the moms. You really think I'll need another outake for temps? Also, will a passive intake be enough in the tent or should I have intake as well? thanks

    FLtoker Active Member

    Anyone with some more insight on this?

    tobaaaac Well-Known Member

    My tent is 5x9 built out of black poly. I have 1x1000 in a cool tube in there. I have a 6" inline fan that pulls air from beside an air conditioner, through the cool tube and back out of the grow tent. Then I have a 4" inline fan that pulls air from right near the a/c also into the grow tent and the exhaust is passive. I just switched the 4" from exhaust to intake and the temp in the tent dropped from 83 to 74.

    Budsworth Well-Known Member

    You will have heat issues with that small of tent w/ 600W unless you can vent A/C in to it. I have a 3x4x8 w/ small A/C unit enclosed and the temps are 78% and I live in S. Fl. with temps in 90% right now. It sucks to grow indoors in the summer here.

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