Grow room setup prices, post how much it cost you!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by socom3riot, Nov 15, 2008.


    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    Exactly what the title says, post how much your grow room cost. Big and small, I wanna see em all!
    Doesn't matter if it cost you $200 or $200 000 , post away!

    coltsfanky79 Well-Known Member

    well i found my cabinet at a consignment shop for 15 bucks, got about 45 to 50 bucks in the lights, fan, and ventilation setup. hmm and i got about 25 bucks in, soil and nutes. Im all ready to go....just waiting on the plants to pop out of the impatient so under 100.00 im ready i think

    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    I dont have my main one setup yet, but its going to cost estimated $1200-$1500, 2 tents, both 4x4x7 , one veg one flower. Fans, 1 400W hps kit /w 430W son agro , 1 400W MH kit , 200' of panda tarp, nutes, ducting, plugs to wire fans, etc. Prolly closer to $1500 for everything ima get.

    Sixsixone Active Member

    My current setup cost about $350 (including some choice seeds).

    A lot of stuff I got for free. I have a box full of 12v PC fans and tons of old cell chargers, had ductings, all the power strips and cords were free.

    Most of what I spent was on the lights, seeds, soil, nutes, mylar, black plastic, duct tape, pots (which turns out I could have gotten for free, grr).

    My next setup will be more elaborate though.

    dewby Active Member

    $150 :]


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