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Grow Room CFM, Intake and Exhaust advice

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by SuperD, Aug 9, 2008.


    SuperD Active Member

    I'm getting ready to build my grow room and of course this site has been a great help but like all noobs I have questions.

    My room will be about 8 x 6 x 7. I'm thinking of using an Elipse 6" 630 CFM inline fan for exhaust and passive intake unless I'm told otherwise. Now the questions...

    1) Does it really matter if the exhaust is in the ceiling or on the wall near the ceiling.? Seeing that hot air rises I wouldn't think there would be much of a difference but you guys have more experience. Is air sucked out faster out of one compared to the other?

    The same goes for the intake.. should they be located at the bottom of the grow room or can you put them up high?

    2) If I have a 6" exhaust should my intake(s) be 6" also? Is there a calculation to figure out how many are needed? I read a thread where you can use a piece of paper to determine when you have the right amount but thought there might be some calculation in case I use 4" or 8" intake(s).

    3) Is 630 CFM large enough for this room? I haven't looked at filtering yet. Thinking of using a CAN Filter and maybe some sort of ozone generator but haven't gotten that far yet.

    4) Stupid question... I'm I'm really trying to find a simple diagram on how to hook this up but if I use a 1000 HPS 6" air cooled lamp do I need a seperate fan for that or can I just tie one end to the exhaust and the other end to an intake? Of course there would be a Y on the out take so it would draw across the lamp and out of the room.

    5) What determines if you need a fan speed controller? Does the room get too cool so you need to lower the speed? Sucking the air out to quickly that it causes to much air movement in the grow room?

    Appreciate any and all help with this. I haven't even smoked any and I feel like I smoked a bale already with all the data that is in these forums. There is a LOT of informaton here to process.


    honkeytown Well-Known Member

    you are gonna have enough extraction with that fan that you dont need to worry so much. I personally would set up a separate fan and exhaust system for my light. you can place you extraction fan high up on the wall it will be fine. make sure that when setting up your ducting for extraction that you are using a larger passive intake....the only time you really wanna use the same size intake is if you are using a second fan at the beginning of the run...one pushing and one pulling. use a can filter unless you have a separate room to exhaust to then ozone then exhaust outside. ozone generators are harmful to your health...hope that helps :mrgreen:

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