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Grow journal: True OG and Skywalker OG using Increase grow! and Increase bloom!

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by ogkush12345, Feb 3, 2013.


    ogkush12345 Member

    Running 69 plants in three 4x8 trays, 3 gallon smart pots, 35 Skywalker and 34 True OG. 7600 watts (seven 1000w and one 600w). I am actually done with veg and am about to flip to 12/12. They are all between 24-30 inches tall.

    Originally I was using Grow Big, Armor Kote, Fossil Fuel, Roots Excelurator, and SuperThrive in veg. I switched to 'Increase grow!' by Greenway nutrients and straight molasses/water and experienced much better results.

    View attachment 2508839

    Seriously, I just put the 'Increase grow' in a spray bottle and foliar fed the plants. They blew the F UP 3 days later. The stalks got thicker, new branches exploded out, and the plants looked much healthier. I did it a few more times over a 2 week period and saw much better growth than what I was getting before. This is a very new product line that hasn't been talked about very much, so instead of using Tiger Bloom and a few other nutes that I already bought for flowering - I will be using 'Increase Bloom!' and molasses/water. I want to document the results in this thread to see the kind of yield I can get with these products. I was going to use a C02 tank for flower but won't need to, since the Increase! products are infused with C02.

    In addition to the 'Increase bloom!' foliar spray, I will be using the soil drench powder:

    View attachment 2508847

    Here are the 3 trays:

    View attachment 2508848 View attachment 2508850 View attachment 2508856

    Wish me luck!

    SupaM Well-Known Member

    Sounds like an incredible garden, og! However, I can't see your attachments....you may need to contact a moderator. GL & ATB!
    Uncle Pirate

    Uncle Pirate Active Member

    Spam hour extravaganza

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