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grow box have questions about fans and temp

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Blazinhazemist, Jan 13, 2013.


    Blazinhazemist Member

    the area that I'm working in is a cabinet 3lx1.5wx4h. i have a 400 watt mh hps system in it and all walls have been painted a flat black. its pretty intense thus hot as well. at the current stage I'm in, the lights are hanging towards the bottom, about a foot over the plants. the right wall has 2 4 inch wholes at the bottom for intake and two at the top for outtake all connected with http://www.coolerguys.com/840556069003.html. i also have a simple fan at the bottom of the cabinet to blow a breeze on them. i have all four exhaust fans mounted inside the box for a little more stealth but my question is would this ventilation system be more effective if any or all of the fans were to be mounted on the outside of the box instead of inside. with the light hanging towards the top the temp stayed at about 77F but with the light down so low its bringing the temps into the high 80's. o even tried flipping one intake around to remove more hot air and create more of a negative pressure. i also have to more fans very similar to those that i may dangle or mount to try to improve circulation of air to the exhaust.thanks for the help in advance.

    Blazinhazemist Member

    i meant flat white lol

    justanotherbozo Well-Known Member

    high man, i think you'll need to rethink your exhaust because once you start flowering those babies will begin to reek and unless you live in circumstances where the aroma won't get you in trouble you're gonna need to add a carbon scrubber, something you can't do easily with axial fans, not to mention that axial fans don't have the power to pull through a scrubber anyway.

    ...here's a thread on ventilation and another on axial fans that should help explain way better than i can.

    Ventilation 101

    The ultimate guide to PC FANS

    peace, bozo

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