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Ground cinnamon to kill fungus gnats and their larvae?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by MykeLyx, Jan 14, 2012.


    MykeLyx Member

    Hi guys...I think I got a problem... Dont know how I got it but it seems I have fungus gnats.. SOB!

    I read that you can use ground cinnamon to kill fungus gnats and their larvae. or it kills the fungus they eat...seems to have worked for a few guys..

    I need a quick fix.. and everything i read seems so complicated.. any tips on getting rid of these things and keep them out would be amazing.

    Thanks in advance.

    MykeLyx Member

    fyi...Im in a soil. potting mix blend.

    wheelt01 New Member

    I have used cinnamon before and it seemed to have absolutely no effect. What you need is the strain of bt that specifically targets fungus gnats. Have you heard of mosquito dunks? They sell them at home depot. You can apply ground up dunks to the soil or add them to water and then apply the water to get rid of them. They also sell sticky traps that help catch them. As a somewhat cheaper alternative I have used bowls full of sugary soda in my grow tent to help catch and kill them. I have also tried adding a layer of sand to the top of the soil, this seemed to help as well. That being said, they will keep returning until you stop over watering. Remember to keep after them because right about the time you get them out of the air the larva under the soil will begin to hatch more of these pests. Good luck.

    Pureblood89 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't advise it, let the soil dry out completely, mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 4 parts water, pour this mixture on real heavy, saturate the soil completely, the lava are now dead, for the adults, just give them something yellow and sticky to land on, congratulations you've gotten rid of your fungus gnat problem, for prevention from them coming back, you can put an inch or two of perlite/gravel/mulch on the soil, they won't bother going through it.

    MykeLyx Member

    Thanks guys.. I took a vacuum to the room.. got rid of most of the adults..going to hit up the store today for the weapons you speak of... hopefully I fight these little buggers and kill them all...with little to no damage to my plants.

    Im very shocked that I was over watering these plants.. they were watered every 3 days.. last time I almost thought I went a day to long.. they seemed very very dry. but Ill take the advice and try to not over water.

    Im learning as I go here...

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