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Gro-Lux Lights

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by WeThreeKings, Mar 14, 2008.


    WeThreeKings Active Member

    I am going to start growing 10 plants in a closet with a frame that is 5 feet tall, 30 inches deep and 5 feet long, the walls are covered with mylar to reflect more to plants. I was thinking of using 4 fluorescent bulbs like these and this ballasts. I'm on a budget and will it be enough to support them.

    40-Watt (T12), 48" Long - Gro-Lux Standard - #40GL

    Are Gro-lux lights any good for growing? It seems their detailed information is sufficient to have them sound like they know what there doing.

    40acres New Member

    I would use a mixture of warm white and cool white myself. They put out quite a bit of light compared to the painted bulbs.

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