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Grinder Vs Kief Box - pics

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by JFKush, Aug 4, 2012.


    JFKush Member

    Hello everyone. I recently converted to here from Grass City after being done with all the nonsense over there. I'd like to transfer my knowledge and experience here so people with open minds can opinionate for themselves.

    Like many of you I'm sure, I started with a 4 piece grinder around 2 inches. It was fine for a while but I stopped in at my LHS one day to upgrade for something bigger in terms of a grinder. With an increase in surface area, I noticed an increase in kief. It wasn't until th teeth locked up in that Sharpstone did I uograde.

    My girlfriend later bought me a 4 piece Silve Surfer grinder that is hands down balls deep. It's teeth are the sharpest I've ever seen, the magnets at superiorly strong, but I digress.

    One day on impulse I bought a 4 x 7 x 2 Ryot Box for $60. Though some may call it steep, it is a one time investment for the hash connoisseur that will last for years. I am never short of hash or kief on hand.

    When I used to use use screen portion in my grinder I would usually grind up an once and a half to collect anything worth while. I haven't used my grinder screen in nearly a year. The kief box also is nice as a 'reverse' humidor to dry out stickier buds for a couple of days if it's not dry enough for your standards.

    These days I buy a half zip every 2 weeks for my girlfriend and I, and it's always decent dank. From those 14 grams in my kief box I average 1.5 - 2.5 g / every 1/2 ounce. With the silk screen at 100 micron, the kief is always blonde!!

    My secret for success is to grind my bud, throw it in the freezer inside the box for 30 minutes. Leaving the lid off, the cold will make the trichomes brittle and erect. Using a nickel will help agitate the trichomes off in their fragile state. I use both together, never one alone - I find they work best together like PB&J.

    I have had the unnecessary argument over potency so many times that the horse is beat to death. By removing the trichomes you are preventing the loss of X amount through combustion for those who do not vape. I see the bud at 85% - 90% as potent as their are many cannabinoids to be had from the plant material itself.

    By stripping the trichomes, you decrease the amount lost to heat ( I estimate around 30%). You are essentially "shifting" your THC to CBN/CBD ratio per session which adds more variety. For those medicating this can be utmost of importance. There is no loss of material, so those who claim to 'prefer' to leaving on the trichomes are only afraid of the unknown as I've seen a thousand times noobs telling me they know better even though they haven't tried a kief box:wall:

    If anyone has any questions I would be more than happy to answer honestly.

    Personally I prefer a nice kief bowl from my SSV. The vape is so cool and spicy on the throat and in the flavor.

    So let us us compare now.

    42 grams - 1.5 ounces:



    12 grams < 1/2 ounce:





    And 2.5g - 0.3 kief bowl = 2.2g hash from 12 g bud.


    Happy smoking friends. :leaf:
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    swishsweet Active Member

    nice! good info and I hope you find RIU to be a little better of a forum.

    CaptainCAVEMAN Well-Known Member

    019.jpg 020.jpg 027.jpg

    Our methods differ a bit, but I'm with you man! 2 of those little spoons on top of some ash and I'm a zombie, 3 little spoons and it's nap time. :weed:

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    For me kief & hash production has been a salvage mission. But I've always wondered how many trichs get lost in the cure jars. Do you think it would be a good idea to roll my buds on the screen after hang dry, prior to hitting the jar?

    A good cheap alternative to a kief box is to buy an aluminum frame mounted mono-filament silk screen. Mine is 122 micron. I only screen the sugar leaf bud trimmings, like I said salvage.

    Photo 011.jpg Photo 016.jpg Photo 019.jpg

    Gotta get me some new tires

    JFKush Member

    hm well ive never been around a live plant so that I cant answer for sure, im just the consumer. but that screen looks like a good alternative it is the same concept. if it was me i would just iso wash the jars for results, kief falls off best when the bud is dry n- the drier the better so if the bud hasnt cured fully i dont think you will get much for results but this is speculation .

    the boxes work well for stems trim and leaves.

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    I know what you're saying about dry, my trim is bone dry and I keep it in the freezer till winter when my garage is cold then I shake so it's seasonal for me.

    One more question. I'm a joint smoker so grinding is okay with me. When you grind up a half, how does the the stash hold up over the next couple of wks? Does it dry out, or lose any flavor?

    JFKush Member

    The smell and flavor lose some of the intense terpines naturally after de-kiefing, whether from shaking the trichomes off which i doubt, but more likely from surface area and prolonged exposure to ambient air besides the magnets.

    but I say honestly unless you vape it's not enough for you to notice. Especislly from joints, bongs maybe a minute differnce but not enough to complain unless you knew otherwise, in which you still wouldnt be dissatisfied.

    JFKush Member

    Also here is the hash i pressed last night. I got about a gram from roughly 11 g. Very stoney, narcotic couch lock.

    Look for my AVB edible thread tomorrow, its going to be intense.

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    backyardagain Well-Known Member

    Im gonna pick up a shaker box, but how did you press that 2gs into that? I have only tried iso and bubble hash so far. I know its not really hash till its pressed right?
    Zachary Cogswell

    Zachary Cogswell New Member

    Anyone think the bud will still be worth smoking afyer your grind it theb dump into kief box to sift somemore

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