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Greenhouse White Widow: Best?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by messycan, Dec 3, 2008.


    messycan Well-Known Member

    I am kinda confused. I know Greenhouse Seeds have the *original* WW, but they advertise it as a moderate THC content, which is around 12%, while other companies advertise a higher THC content for WW.

    Whats the difference? I am ordering from Attitude seed bank...here is the webpage for the different companies that sell WW.


    Should I stick to the original strain?

    Suggestions/Opinions? BTW, I am getting only fem seeds...

    la9 Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can go wrong with White Widow From Greenhouse, just because the THC is lower doesn't mean too much since the buzz you get is from a couple of other things besides the THC. Look atthe THC listing on all the brands of White Widow and they are all the same range for THC. Yet it is still the most popular in Amsterdam.

    Go ahead and get it, it will grow into a nice plant, nice and uniform, and easy to grow.

    If you want a seconc choice I'd go with white label but I'd say stick with greenhouse on this one.

    cookin New Member

    depending on what you believe the original is either greenhouse or mr nice. mr nice version is called black widow. The breeder from mr nice used to work for greenhouse but don't know what happened and they split, each claiming to have the cup winning genetics. I think i'd go for mr nice, but i think they are a bit more expensive. yeah like la9 said its not all about the thc content
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    la9 Well-Known Member

    Mr. Nice is the option a lot would like to take but he calls it Black Widow and it is hard to find from any place dependable at delivering right now.

    Like was sad Mr. Nice invented it while working for greenhouse, he claims since he left they can't grow the same stuff he invented and only himself knows how. He quit working for them and is on his own so you just have to believe who you want. White Label or Greenhouse is easiest to order and why I recommend you stick with them till something changes.

    jayrock32580 Well-Known Member

    mr nice black widow is the true original but closest to and very nice in my opinion is seedsman white widow great smoke good yield

    ThatGuyOverThere Well-Known Member


    ststepen420 Well-Known Member

    everyonedoesit wont send seeds to the states

    ThatGuyOverThere Well-Known Member

    well the OP didnt say where he is, but good to know, thanks.

    edit: You sure? Thier FAQ states they ship world wide.


    dangledo Well-Known Member

    yea....mr. nice got his black widow genetics from Dutch Passion. having lost the original ww. using dutchs' ww he crossed with a sativa creating his black widow. (just look at the structure and differ phenos) Dutch Passion having split with Arjan got half the rights to ww. Mr nice has very unstable seeds, and showed an array of phenos. any stable ww will show the traits of a true indica and has been bred out of its sativa characteristics. Stick with greenhouse or dutch passion.....

    pinkus New Member

    I hope not, the original ww (sativa dom.) was fantastic!!!

    Joker52 Well-Known Member

    Get niravana-shop WW. It's fucking easy and fucking TASTEY!

    dannyking Well-Known Member

    Greenhouse actually don't have the original white widow. Check out http://www.MRNice.nl for the original prize winning genetics. Its now called Black Widow.
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    OldPork Well-Known Member

    I grew GHSco WW last summer and it is tremendous. Just covered in white sugar from the day it starts to flower. I ordered and recieved another 10 pack of femmed from seedboutique, they have the best prices. Here is a thread with some pix:
    Look at post #17 on that page

    messycan Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the advice. I purchased GH WW and already planted em...waiting for em to sprout!

    dangledo Well-Known Member

    greenhouseseeds.nl------look em up and watch their vids on each strain. White widow finishes at just over 2 feet. Ive grown their fem ww for years with identical phenos everytime. Please let me know if there are any sativa dom plants that finish under 3 feet. Greenhouse-the most decorated seed company ever.

    dangledo Well-Known Member

    Shantibaba knows where it came from. He used to work for arjan.

    hydrophonic Active Member

    Just finished running GH White Widow Fem seeds. Had three different friends grow out cuts from a 10-pack of widow fems. 1 guy did aeroponic, 1 did hydro (rockwool) and 1 did it in soil with organic nutes. All three turned out HORRIBLE. Terrible taste (like bathroom sanitizer), and near-zero potency. After a painfully long 11-week flowering period (buds didn't seem to ever want to finish), total waste of time. BEWARE and STAY AWAY. Fucknig horrible. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I speak the truth.


    dangledo Well-Known Member

    lets see it.....

    messycan Well-Known Member

    Damn I made this thread over a year ago. I ran them once they came out super potent..and I'm currently running them again with another strain. WW is currently 10 weeks in.

    hydrophonic Active Member

    It's been chopped now, but there's more than bit of these unwanted trash buds dried and laying around. I'll try to post up some photos later tonight because if I can save anyone else the pain of being ripped off and wasting time, it will be well worth it.

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