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Greenhouse growroom build?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Tullyasia1690, Jan 25, 2013.


    Tullyasia1690 Member

    I have been growing for a few years now using a 1.2x1.2m tent but am looking to build a bigger grow room. I have an old 8x6ft aluminium framed greenhouse with no glass i was thinking of putting this in my garage and getting reflective mylar to cover the frame by using duct tape and cable ties to keep in place. Anyone any ideas on how else i can do this would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

    WeedChip Active Member

    You've got an easy job there to be honest. You just need to get yourself some myler or tapolin or any plastic sheeting really, thicker the better and myler is easier because one side is relective one side is black, so saves you adding a reflective layer.

    if it was me I'd go for the proper grow tent myler, it's about 0.50 per m square if you buy the sheet. A decent size roll will do the whole job easily.

    Then for the vents I'd suggest instead of putting the actual duct into the wall get some of those attachemnts for the ducts so you can take the pipe off easily and just glue/tape/ziptie the duct hole in.

    For the entrance you can buy velcro, then I recommend stapling it to the mylar as glues always seem to degrade over time and stitching takes too long.

    I like the idea, a greenhouse would make an awesome tent!

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    sounds like a plan, make sure to get a good big ventilation/filter to exchanges air/co2 and remove any odor

    combosmallsite.jpg vent.jpg

    also, I dont know about you, but at my work we have both dutch tape and aluminum tape, I like to use the alu tape on maylor as it don't sticks and ruin it when I remove it and it reflect the light like maylor, another option I thought about is using plywood or masonite or any cheap wood you might have and paint it white etc.and put it in instead of the glass ..

    many options Im sure but the idea is good I think, specially if you don't want to use all your garages for your grow and want to be able to control it more (odor aso.)

    Tullyasia1690 Member

    Thanks for the reply guys i'v ordered some thick mylar sheeting, alu tape and ties online now and while im waiting on these being delivered im gona give the frame a real good clean as its been outside for a few years now. I have 2 600w hps lights would this be enough light 4 this grow or woud i need more and also what size of ext fan and filter would i need as my little ladies need a lovely new home........

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    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    why not just use panda film? Mylar is a huge pain in the ass? good point on the foil tape, that stuff is awesome!! Your going to need some automation in terms of heating and cooling. my buddy was growing in his garage..it was a train wreck until he got some proper heating.

    Tullyasia1690 Member

    thanks for your reply. Its to late now for me to change the mylar as im hoping it should be wif me tomorrow but i know what you mean about heat as i had to put an electric/oiled heater in my tent as the temps dropped rapidly in dark cycle i might hav to get an extra 1 as this room will be bigger lol

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    They sell pretty cheap NG heaters for your garage. They are designed for shops, if you could put it on a timer that would be ideal. I think they were like 2-300. Bucks. I'm building a large grow room underground and we are thinking we will need one to heat during lights off.

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