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Greenhouse Cheese Smoke\Grow Report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by SpruceZeus, Jan 6, 2009.


    SpruceZeus Well-Known Member

    Greenhouse's Cheese Grown from a single feminized seed purchased from pick n mix.
    Growth: Pretty typical indica, tight thick buds, very rugged, very nute tolerant. Lime green in colour all the way through harvest.
    Nutes: Holland's secret badabing, bang & bloom. budstart, The heavies, carbo-blast. in promix HP. 400wMH for veg, 1000w hps for flower.
    Yield: About 3/4 of an ounce off of one plant, not bad considering this plant was chopped to bits for clones (only one of which survived, my fault.)
    about 8 and a half weeks from the switch to 12\12.
    Bag Appeal: See for yourself, frosty as a mother.
    Smell: piney, skunky parmesean cheese.
    Taste: Great sour bite when it first hits your pallate, not a very expansive smoke, but very pungent, sweet and thick on the exhale.
    The High: Makes me feel really "blasted" kind of stumble around aimlessly thinking "damn i'm high".

    Let me not be mistaken, i am going to grow alot of this weed, it is pretty much everything i'm looking for in some marijuana. Easy to grow, compact, quick flowering, delicious, and very, very, very potent.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Thats all folks, hope you enjoyed this smoke report as much as i enjoy this smoke.
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    Mr. Bigroot

    Mr. Bigroot Active Member

    Nice report. I have had great success with Greenhouse and really like their gear. Haven't tried the Cheese yet, now I will.......

    SpruceZeus Well-Known Member

    I really can't say enough good things about this strain, i'll throw up some pics in a few weeks when its fully cured.

    buffalosoulja Well-Known Member

    good review, i want to try it just because of the cheesy smell

    rouler Active Member

    Makes me sleeeepy..

    SpruceZeus Well-Known Member

    yeah i will admit, the comedown is pretty drastic.
    the shogun

    the shogun Active Member

    ive grown greenhouse cheese a few times, my plants looked exactly like the pics above, my girls didnt smell of cheese tho just a kind of unique musty skunky smell. it wasnt the heaviest stone either, grew them next to lemon skunk which was much stronger, cheese was still a real nice smoke tho, wish i had some now lol.

    here is a pic of my cheese mother plant ive had for ages, im starting a new batch of seeds so she's about to be put into 12/12.

    SpruceZeus Well-Known Member

    Aww, send that mama my way. I lost my cheese genetics in a horrible clone debaucle. :dunce: Its a pretty terrible tragedy but my own fault for poor strain management. Such a good pheno too.
    Oh well, so it goes, your mama looks real healthy.:bigjoint:
    Happy growing.

    VancouverMover Active Member

    Nice pics. I have been thinking about cheese for my upcoming second batch w/ 400w veg/flower hydro. What kind of weight production did you get from this strain?
    dr easer

    dr easer Active Member

    good news. i just started the germination on a chiesel(LBG x NYC Dies) seed from dutch passion. ill make sure to let you all know how that one goes!

    cocoxxx Well-Known Member

    chiesel is from big buddah

    joeyjoejoe Well-Known Member

    keep bumpin threads that use the smoke report template like this one

    w1ckedchowda Well-Known Member

    Sick report! I'm totally goin to purchase cheese now. :clap:

    +rep for the report!

    Grower101 Well-Known Member

    Hey man that was great, i just have 1 question, and it's how tall did the plants got to? Im looking for good plants and that report caught my eye, awesome job man.
    I ask this also because i have limited space to grow, so far i been growing Lowrider2 x AK-47 because they are small, but them mofos are too small lol . Thanks again .

    DWR Well-Known Member

    Good work m8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Excellent report m8, i cant wait to taste the sweet smell of it..


    Charger Active Member

    great report

    Ready2Inhale Well-Known Member

    oOwEE, shit,......got-dammit...lol...great report

    Goose2008 Active Member

    Nice review of GreenHouse's Cheese. I think I will include it in my next grow. Right now I have GreenHouse's Church, Dr. Chronic's Morning Glory and G13 Lab's Skunk #1. All are flowering and they all seem to be doing fine, although Morning Glory is a little sensitive to nuting.

    amsterdamned Well-Known Member

    very interested in the above so please be sure to write up and put up some pics please

    ive got 2 nice looking cheese in at the mo along side some ice and Armageddon at around week 6 so ill add to this report when im done :)

    HailTheLeaf Well-Known Member

    I'm curing some of this right now, and the samples so far are some of the best shit I've ever smoked...I'll definitely be growing this again...and Big Buddha Chiesel.

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